Whose Fault Is It? The Congress Is Responsible for The Mess We Are In Now

The National Debt in 1923 was 21 Billion dollars. There have been 9 Republican Presidents with a combined total of 50 years in office and 7 Democrat Presidents with a combined 48 years in office since then.

In that same time period the Congress has been divided as follows:

Senate controlled by Republicans for 36 years.
Senate controlled by Democrats for 56 year
Senate evenly divided for 6 years.
House controlled by Republicans for 32 years.
House controlled by Democrats for 64 years.
Senate Controlled by Republicans = 8 years (1923-1931)
Senate Controlled by Democrats = 26 years (1955-1981)
House Controlled by Republicans = 12 years (1995-2001)
House Controlled by Democrats = 40 years (1955-1995)
By Republicans = 8 years (1923-1931)
By Democrats = 26 years (1955-1981)

The President proposes a budget (selected items may be more important than others). The Congress, possibly uses the President’s spending design, proposes a  budget to both chambers, it is voted on and sent to the President.

The Republicans has controlled Congress once in the last 98 years and that was in 1923-1931. During those 8 years the National Debt increased from 21 billion to 23 billion.

The Democrats have controlled Congress twice during those 98 years, once in 1933 -1947 and once again in 1955 – 1981.

During the first years 1933-1947 the National Debt increased from 23 billion to 260 billion mostly due to the onset of WWII but also the introduction of FDR’s New Deal where socialism began. During the second time, which started during the Eisenhower presidency 1955 and lasted until Reagan was elected 1981, there was a huge expansion of the federal government that included the Great Society where socialism grew even more championed by LBJ.

Our current National Debt is the responsibility of a Congress totally out of control and, according to the numbers I have found, the major responsibility lies with the Democrat Party.

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