Tennessee legislation you need to know about

Right now legislators in Tennessee are considering an entire slate of pro-Family bills that would drastically gut the Homosexual Agenda.

Which has the groups like the Tennessee Equality Project freaking out.

They are terrified that even one of these six bills would make it into law.

That’s why it’s up to you to act right now.

I need you and everyone you know to call your state senators and representatives right away and let them know you fully support all six of these bills.

You can click here to find your personal legislators.

Please, call or email every one of them and let them know you support the following bills.

These bills address the restoration of real, One-Man One-Woman Marriage; the defense of religious liberty in the adoption of children; religious liberty for employers; and the protection of bathroom privacy from the “transgender agenda.”

(Guide to Bills: HB = House Bill; SB = Senate Bill.  Each bill has one version in the House, and one in the Senate)

Bills to support:

SB0848/HB1152 — Protection of Religious Liberty for Adoption Agencies

HB0836/SB1304 — Protection of Religious Liberty for Adoption Agencies

HB1369/SB1282 — Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act

SB0364/HB0563 — Restoration of Religious Freedom Act

SB1499/HB1274 — Defense of Schools that oppose “transgender bathrooms”

HB1151/SB1297 — Safe Bathrooms Act

The first two bills will protect the right of adoption agencies to prioritize families that have a mother and a father.

The Natural Marriage Defense Act will work to restore Tennessee’s right to One-Man One-Woman marriage despite what any courts rule.

The Restoration of Religious Freedom Act will protect the rights of businesses to operate according to their own religious convictions.

The fifth bill requires the Attorney General to defend schools that limit bathroom and locker room use by biology — and not “gender preference.”

This is essential to defending the innocence of young children.

The last bill originally addressed “transgender bathrooms” in more public settings.

It was intended to criminalize indecent acts by homosexuals and transsexuals who violate the innocence of young children and women.

However, this bill has been gutted by amendments as it moved forward — and if passed as is is worthless.

This bill must be supported as it was originally written, without amendment.

Easy Guide

For Your Representative: Support HB-1152, HB-0836, HB-1369 (Natural Marriage Defense Act), HB-0563 (Restoration of Religious Freedom Act), HB-1274. Support HB-1151 as first written, without the amendments.

For Your Senator: Support SB-0848, SB-1304, SB-1282 (Natural Marriage Defense Act), SB-0364 (Restoration of Religious Freedom Act), SB-1499. Support SB-1297 as first written, without the amendments.

Tennessee needs these bills.

And your legislators need to hear from you.

Just click here to find your personal legislators and their contact info.

And after you contact them, please send this email along to all your pro-Family friends and family in Tennessee.

We don’t have much time.

The Homosexual Lobby is throwing every dollar they have into these fights.

Do you want them deciding the future of your state?

Act now.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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