Rally Monday at 6 PM on the parking lot of the Old Country Store

Dear Ones,

I was asked this week to do a Rally to” STOP SOCIALISM and CHOOSE FREEDOM in AMERICA” !!  This has come about suddenly and I  need your help !!

I am trying to get this together.  Please come with your family and friends and wear red, white, and blue.  Bring your flags, your posters, etc. and let us gather to support FREEDOM in the United States of America.

We will open with pray, the pledge will be lead by Colonel Jim Harding, we need someone to sing “MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE”.  Also, I need a portable microphone.

We will do some things done l at the Trump Rallies- chant USA< USA<,etc.

Please come out and take a stand for the FREEDOM our LORD has blessed us with here in America.

After the rally, go into the Old Country Store to shop or eat your meal.

All help is appreciated.

We need as WE THE PEOPLE to repent, turn from our wicked ways, and get right with our LORD GOD.  Only HE can heal our land !!

Anyone who can call for press to be at this event or call a talk show to tell about this is very much appreciated !!

Length of Rally- about 30 minutes.

The Democratic Socialists of America have seen more than a 1,000 percent growth since 2016.  This is HORRIBLE !!  People are being brainwashed in the schools, etc  and we must do everything we can to stand up against socialism here in America.  57 % of Democrats have a positive view of socialism while only 47% now have a favorable view of capitalism.

Socialism has NEVER worked anywhere it was tired .  Look at the destruction of Venezuela under its  socialist leader.

Thank you!  See you Monday at 6PM at the caboose by the Old Country Store.



PS A big thank you to Clark Shaw for making this event possible!!!

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