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I really ought to get paid for this.

I’d been reading about this new CCW weapon from Sig Sauer named the P365.  I don’t trust gun writers to be entirely truthful, so I happened to be in a store where they were selling for $499.99, which is about $100.00 less than full price.

My first impression was that this little 9mm was smaller than it looked in the gun magazine photos, and I couldn’t figure out how Sig Sauer could cram 10 rounds in such a small magazine.

I checked the ergonomics and found the little gun was a natural pointer, then after checking the gun three times for any possible rounds that weren’t supposed to be in it, I pointed it at the ceiling and the trigger completed the sale.  If you can’t shoot a P365 accurately, you are either blind or you just cannot shoot, because that little pocket gun has the slickest trigger I’ve ever pulled — and I’ve pulled a lot of triggers.

For a gun with a 3.1 inch barrel, my little P365 shoots 2″ groups @ 25 yards, and I didn’t experience a single malfunction of any kind shooting 100 rounds.

I’ve always regarded a 9mm to be the very minimum I’d carry for self-defense, and my all-time preference is the .357 SIG, but it gets a little hard to hide a Glock 32 during those hot Summer days when minimum clothing is a must, so the P365 came along at just the right time.  A tiny little gun that shoots extremely well, is totally reliable and packs a total of 11 rounds is quite literally a dream come true, and I cannot imagine how the competition is coping.  Why would anyone buy a single-stack, 8 shot, 1″ wide handgun when they can have an 11 shot, 1″ wide handgun?

There’s more!  The Sig Sauer P365 has special P365 ammunition made specifically for it by Sig Sauer.  You can buy 115 grain practice rounds and 115 grain hollow points from Sig Sauer that are designed specifically for the P365, and both hit exactly the same point of aim.

And concealable?  You can be walking on the beach shirtless wearing just a pair of cut-off Levis, and nobody would ever think you’re packing an 11 round marvel in your pocket holster.  At most, a careful observer would think it was just a smart phone.

By the way, you can also buy a 12-round magazine for the P365, and I almost did until I remembered why I bought the little gun in the first place.  If the conditions allow, I’ll still pack my Glock 32 with 14 rounds 24/7, but when the weather gets really hot and light clothing is mandatory, my P365 will be my main squeeze, and that flat-bottomed 10-round magazine allows that gun to disappear completely, while the 12-round magazine defeats that purpose.

Finally, the P365 can be ordered with or without a manual safety.  I don’t need a safety, but most women do, especially if the gun is carried in a purse.  I already know the moment my wife squeezes off her first round from my P365 that I’ll have to sell her Lady Smith and buy her a Sig of her own.

That’s the danger of perfection when you’re happily married:  It usually costs twice as much…

Carl F. Worden


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