News and Opinion via Real Clear Politics April 15th 2019

On Trump’s ICC Win, Dems and Republicans See Eye to Eye. Susan Crabtree reports on the International Criminal Court’s decision not to prosecute the U.S. for alleged crimes in the Afghanistan War.

Mueller Report Is Litmus Test for a Divided Society. Frank Miele writes that one’s expectations for the report, and ultimate reaction to it, reveals how much, or how little, faith we have in our government.

GOP Fears Mueller’s Collusion Bias Lives on in Report. In RealClearInvestigations, Paul Sperry has the story.

Ranked-Choice Votes to Make for Super Saturday in Alaska, Hawaii. David Daley and Rob Richie hail the new (and spreading) system of casting votes, which the two states will implement for the 2020 primary.

Georgetown’s Reparations: Virtue-Signaling Superficiality. Steve Cortes weighs in on students at his alma mater voting to pay reparations for the school’s participation in the slave trade almost two centuries ago.

Why the Wisconsin Supreme Court Win Is a Big Deal. Matt Batzel reflects on the victory of Brian Hagedorn over Lisa Neubauer.

Media Focus on Trump Has Been Remarkably Stable. Kalev Leetaru has this analysis of coverage data.

Why Joe Biden Shouldn’t Run for President. In RealClearWorld, Ronald Tiersky argues that the former VP’s time has passed.

Overdue Overhaul: Security Clearance Reform. In RealClearDefense, Sina Beaghley spotlights flaws in the government’s vetting process.

GOP May Outflank Bernie in Drug Price Controls. In RealClearHealth, Doug Badger cites proposals from the president and several Republican senators.

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