New member of NC Vet Med Brd pushes new legislation

This is a serious situation for NC dog breeders. Please read the message below relating to legislation in your state.  We also need to be aware of this legislation in case it is introduced in Tennessee.

By Bill Buell

CHESTEROn June 30 , 2013, Dr. Jane Barber DVM was appointed by Gov. McCrory to the NC Vet. Med. Board. Or should I say that Dr. Barber was appointed by the Governor’s wife in support of the h$u$ puppy mill eradication efforts.

Her agenda is to make it illegal for ANYONE other than a vet to do artificial inseminations, assist in breedings, and/or do or assist in semen collections. Her model is the state law in TX. The state law in TX was passed supposedly to assist in the ending of “puppy mills.”

This means, if such comes to fruition, it will legally end a hobby breeder’s ability to do an AI or collect semen at their home using their dogs and will, if allowed, extend to farm animals. All artificial inseminations and semen collections will have to be done at a vet clinic and with a vet doing the actual AI or semen collection and breedings so that record of breedings can be put into a database. Once the state has this data they then can then police the litter and where all puppies are sold.

This also puts out of business all those independent persons such as Block Sporthounds and the ICSB agents that collect dogs at shows as well as the Am. Breeder Services whom inseminate large animals since these people are not vets whom do the semen collections and inseminations @ shows and at farms.

The long range effect is to change the law like in TX wherein we can no longer even worm our own dogs. /All treatments/ will have to be done by a licensed vet. That way the opposition can track what you have, what you breed, what you sell, and how you care for your animals.

I have personally been telling folks that the opposition is not just blue but that they are also red and that simply voting Republican because “they” will not accept this insane agenda was not an
acceptable or truthful reasoning.

Here we have a Republican Governor that is for sale (Art Pope has bought and sold this man), a Governor that by his one admission does not read all the bills that he signs into law and is greatly under the influence of his ARista wife. If we do not stand and speak out against this issue then the opposition will have chipped away one more hunk of our world and tossed it in the trash.

They will have made it much more expensive to keep our dogs and thusly winning because if it gets too expensive we will keep less and less dogs and that leads to a much smaller gene pool that eventually does away with the purebred dog and breeding thereof.

I personally have been told in emails and in person by the opposition that this is their mode of operandi. Wayne Pacelle has also said this more times than once. And peta is vocally in this camp.

This is what Kristin Block of Block Sporthounds (AKC approved semen collection/storage and transcervical insemination facility) has found out:

“Governor Pat McCrory on June 30th appointed Jane Barber DVM to the NC Veterinary Medical Board. This could be extremely detrimental to the fine breeders of the canine fancy in this state. Dr. Barber’s main motivation is to change the breeding practice laws in North Carolina. In the interest of Gov. McCrory’s wife, Barber will seek to change specifically the law pertaining to artificial insemination. She seeks to make any type of artificial insemination illegal for anyone to perform but a licensed veterinarian. This will change the common practice of stud dog owner being able to breed their own females, collect their stud dogs semen for shipment or allowing bitches in to be bred. It would also effectively eliminate non vets from collecting semen such as ICSB mobile labs that are not run by veterinarians.

Barber is seeking these changes to the law for not only personal gain,as she owns a Reproduction clinic, but, also personal vendetta against non-vet competitors who collect and storage semen and do non-surgical artificial insemination in this State.

Please let the NCVMB that the Fancy is not happy with this appointee and how the appointee could affect State Veterinary Practice Laws.

Your timeliness in attending to this issue is of the utmost importance.

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