Democrat mega-donors largely stopped their donations to the DNC after Hillary Clinton lost her, “sure-bet”, election.  Those donors felt lied to, and they were quite angry that election night.

As a result, the DNC had to quickly change tactics by, as usual, lying to their own.  First, they had to make their  donors believe President Trump somehow stole the election from Hillary through something the DNC called, “collusion”, with the Russian Government.  The idea was to convince the smaller donors to keep sending money on the false hope the Mueller Investigation would produce evidence that could be used to impeach President Trump.

Well, the Mueller Investigation clearly didn’t produce what the DNC promised, and fake news organizations like CNN and MSNBC lost a substantial number of viewers overnight for the simple reason those Democrat suckers finally realized they’d been had.  Those former viewers haven’t returned, and that is a very good indicator of what is to come.

Other than a few DNC holdouts still insisting the full Mueller Report would still prove Trump did something impeachable — if it weren’t redacted — the DNC has chosen to once again hold out false hope to their own by trying to get President Trump’s tax returns that could prove he cheated on his taxes.

The problem with that approach is that Trump’s company has been audited by the IRS just about every year, and if the IRS couldn’t find any criminality in Trump’s tax returns, Democrats in Congress won’t find any either.  The other problem with Congress trying to legally force the IRS to reveal Trump’s tax returns is that a president is still an American citizen, which means that Congress could go after the tax returns of any other citizens deemed to have supported President Trump’s election and his administration.  The Supreme Court will put a stop to that tactic immediately.

Now that Attorney General William Barr has begun an investigation into how the whole Russia Collusion Hoax got started in the first place, Democrat voices have become much more strident because now the spotlight is being directed at what they did leading up to and following the election — and what they did was in fact, criminal beyond belief.

The GOP now has the next seven months before the 2020 election to expose that DNC criminality, including rogue elements of the FBI, Justice Department and CIA, and that exposure is going to cost the Democrats dearly.  We’ll always have the hard core Trump Haters, but the reasonable Democrat base will finally begin to realize they’ve been lied to by the DNC in order to get them to keep sending relatively small donations, and I believe they are going to be pretty angry for being played as fools by their own party come November.


Carl F. Worden

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