When Robert Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as Independent Counsel to investigate Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign, he set about to find any dirt on Trump himself by picking the most vile team of Trump Haters he could muster.  He used every unethical method imaginable to force his victim witnesses like Paul Manafort and General Flynn to say Trump did something illegal or unethical, yet with all that, Trump came out vindicated.

Let us not forget that Robert Mueller was FBI Director under President Obama, and that he served during the time the infamous Uranium One deal was made with Russia to secure 20% of all American Uranium.  It was at that time that an informant had come forward to say that all kinds of illegal shenanigans had taken place to facilitate Uranium One.  In response to his disclosure, the informant was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement under threat of criminal prosecution.

So the information the informant made available to the FBI under Mueller’s leadership never became public at the time, and the Clinton Foundation received $145 million dollars in, “donations”, from those, some Russian, who directly benefited from the Uranium One deal.

After President Trump was sworn in, the non-disclosure agreement with the informant was vacated in order to allow the informant to testify as to what happened before the two congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees.  I am certain that information is now in the possession of Inspector General Horowitz’ anticipated report, expected to be released within 60 days.  But unlike the Mueller probe, Horowitz’ group has been looking at all those matters that Mueller refused to investigate, such as Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement in Uranium One, her obliteration of 30,000 e-mails and all matters that led to the Mueller Investigation in the first place.

So even though Mueller could find no evidence against President Trump or his campaign that could lead to an indictment involving collusion, Mueller and his team deliberately wrote their report to state the investigation did not exonerate President Trump on the issue of obstruction.  The problem is that prosecutors do not look for exoneration.  Prosecutors look for evidence of a crime, and if that evidence is insufficient, they simply do not bring charges.

But Mueller’s report left the door wide open for Congress to deal with the issue of obstruction, mainly because it was Mueller’s last ditch effort to keep President Trump busy defending against a Democrat-planned multitude of frivolous investigations so that nobody will look at Mueller’s failure to act on the information the Uranium One informant produced when he was FBI Director.

I believe it will be revealed that Mueller himself somehow benefited from the Uranium One Deal, and that is why Mueller is worried.  I also believe evidence will be revealed that Rod Rosenstein also benefited from Uranium One, which is why he convinced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself and allow Rosenstein to appoint Mueller in the first place.


Carl F. Worden

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