Teen Girl Rescued from Human Trafficker by State Trooper in Traffic Stop

WARNER TODD HUSTON |  Godfather Politics

During a traffic stop, an Ohio State Police trooper was suspicious when a 35-year-old male was traveling with a 15-year-old female and upon investigation found that the teen was a missing girl from New Jersey.

Police report that the driver, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was transporting the girl from New Jersey to Chicago, according to ABC 6.

Juan Carlos Pedraza-Morales, 35, was arrested in Luca Country after the trooper stopped him on the highway for a routine traffic violation.

But the trooper was suspicious right away.

“There was a couple of warning signs right off the get go, that something didn’t seem right,” said Lt. Scott Wyckhouse, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Office of Criminal Investigations, ABC reported.

Pedraza-Morales was pulled over on I-80 westbound at 11 AM on Tuesday for failing to change lanes for a disabled car.

“They were able to determine that this was not the subject’s daughter or any type of relation, and he was transporting her from Paterson, New Jersey to the Chicago area for unknown reasons still under investigation,” Lt. Wyckhouse told the media.

Police discovered that the 15-year-old girl had been reported missing by her parents.

Pedraza-Morales has now ben charged with abduction with sexual motivation and remains in the Lucas County Jail while investigators continue to look into the incident and prosecutors consider more charges.

The girl tried to claim that she everything was fine when the officer pulled the pair over.

“She was just like ‘no nothing’s wrong, nothing’s going on’ and it wasn’t until later that we were able to determine that she did fear for the safety of her family and herself,” said Sgt. Ivan Nunez, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

But after the two were separated, the girl admitted that Pedraza-Morales had sexually molested her.

The girl was treated at a local hospital and is being reunited with her family.

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