RICK BIESADA – help needed

This is NOT the kind of news anyone wants to get, especially about someone you know and care about.

Rick Biesada wrote the book,  “ANGRY WHITE MALE and the Horse He Rode In On”.
I am holding the copy he autographed on 7-16-06 and sent to me.  I never got to meet Rick face to face but we had many phone calls over the time.  Rick was very active in the Minuteman project.

Please read  and contribute if you are able to do so –  Many thanks to Jeff Bennett for sending this to me.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

From: Jeffrey Bennett <jbennett216@cox.net>

Rick Biesada (USMC), Darlene Biesada

Americans are asked here to donate money to support United States Marine Corp Veteran Rick Biesada. He fought for our country and now he is fighting for his life. His wife Darlene Biesada has suddenly lost the income of her best friend and husband of 44 years. My friend Darlene needs our financial support, so I started this campaign with $100.00.

Rick served us heroically with combat duty in Vietnam.  For the past 30 years he has been fighting to preserve our freedom and constitution. He has been showing us how to stand up to those who are still bent on destroying our United States of America, especially the politicians. Rick is the founder and President of the Chicago Minuteman Project. Rick has fought to protect our borders and our nation. He has traveled down to our border on his own money, blood, sweat and tears, to FIGHT AGAINST THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION!!

Rick has an extreme case of COPD. He is bed-ridden. He has been in Edward Hines Veteran Hospital near Chicago since April 1, 2019. He will most likely never return to work. Rick was a self-employed trucking business owner.  His wife will likely lose the house, unless….we…

Thank you,
Mr. Carl Segvich — American

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