Once More Legislators Got It Wrong and approved controversial school vouchers bill

All it needs now is Bill Lee’s signature and Tennessee will take one more step to financial quagmire were government controls all of education…. including private.

The Tennessean states that:

The education savings accounts will provide public money for parents who unenroll a student from their school district and allow them to use the funds on private school or other education-related expenses.

The program will apply to Davidson and Shelby counties and use existing education money to fund the program. For the first three years, the state would provide grants to the counties to offset the money leaving the districts with those students.

By 2024, more than $330 million could go toward the program when the existing education funding and as much as $165 million for the new grants are taken into account.

Dems cry about lack of sharing…. we wonder why they are concerned; the Republicans moved us one step closer to fed control of all education which is what real socialist want anyway.


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