The Illuminati and the One World Government HD

I just finished watching this and I can’t say enough to encourage all to watch and LISTEN to the information brought forth.  I have watched/listened to  several programs this past week related to the End Times and the signs that are all around us.

this one here ties the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, The Federal Reserve , the Masons, and other *secret* societies together.  A good part of what is spoken in this I had known for many years but there is enough new to me info that I think I shall listen to this again.

The Demonic forces that have been and continue to work their evil deeds is mind blowing for sure.  The garbage that we are seeing increase in what is being taught to our children, the filth in the entertainment industry, the political scene, and even in our churches is more than most can comprehend.  I really do believe we are in the 70th Week of Daniel and that Jesus is soon to make his appearance to take His people home.  I certainly hope that those of you who have not asked Jesus Christ into your heart and become Born Again do so very soon – before it is too late.

The man who is teaching this video has many others on You Tube and his web site is –   For all who are Christians – I urge you to check out his teachings.

this is an hour and 5 min in length

The Illuminati and the One World Government HD

Jackie Juntti

BTW – I have been having some really weird computer problems – and hopefully they will be resolved soon.  I think part of it is dealing with WIN 7 and I am not looking forward to having to change to another program.  My Eudora email is now under Billy Gates MS mess and they won’t update it at all anymore.

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