City of Jackson Election Results for May 7th 2019

It appears that the city of Jackson, TN is about to be ruled over by liberals and liberals voted in droves and now they have the keys to kingdom.

Jackson city Mayor unofficial results….

Scott Conger received 3,802 votes for  34.14% with Jerry Woods receiving 3,069 votes for 27.56%. This will set up a runoff election with the two top candidates.

For the semi-conservatives, Jimmy Eldridge received 2808 votes for 25.22%, Dr. Vicky Foote garnered 264 votes or 2.37% and Mark Johnstone gathered 1193 for 10.71%.  Together the three totaled 4,265 votes of 38.3% of the vote.

For conservatives the writing on the wall should be apparent; because you didn’t put forward a singular candidate that had the total backing of the conservatives you may never again have the opportunity to run the city. For liberals, congratulations it is time to rejoice, with either candidate, you will now have newer and better toys and those of us that have any wealth at all will pay for it until those with wealth decide not to and exit the city itself.

The Jackson city council will return 5 of its members back, Johnny Dodd, Ernest Brooks, Harvey Buchanan, Ross Priddy, and David Cisco, guaranteeing additional years of financial failure and except for Councilman Buchanan on occasion a spineless backbone.

The council will have 4 new members Paul Taylor, who will represent District 6, Marda Phelps Wallace, District 7, Russell Allen McKelvey, District 8 and Gary Pickens, District 1.

I wouldn’t look for any heroes from this group.

The question now is how will the conservatives vote? Will they hypocritically chose the white guy thinking they might have some semblance of power by giving the reins to a liberal white democrat? Maybe they will move the other way and the leadership will aid in offering the kingdom to Dr. Woods. Certainly if Dr. Woods moves into office it would be a might easier to bump him out of that position than his opponent.

To us Conger is the greater danger. Our office is choosing Dr. Woods.

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