“Migrants” Now Renting Children To Stay in U.S., Knowing “Families” Get To Stay

Written by  R. Cort Kirkwood

Illegal-alien invaders have adopted a new tactic in their war against American sovereignty.

“Migrants” Now Renting Children To Stay in U.S., Knowing “Families” Get To StayThey “rent” illegal-alien children to cross the border with them because they know U.S. immigration authorities are releasing almost all the “migrant families” they apprehend.

Such is the problem, the Arizona Daily Star reported on Saturday, that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has started start a new program to catch the fraudsters.

As The New American reported last week, ICE moved teams of special agents to the border to detect the fakers.

Thousands of Lying Migrants
The Star reported that the Yuma sector of the Border Patrol has counted 700 fake families since October, and ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations bureau dispatched agents to the area to investigate.

HSI, the Star reported, will soon start a “a pilot project at two border cities to take biometrics of children if special agents suspect the children are being ‘rented’” out by smugglers.”

“Borderwide, federal officials said they had seen about 3,100 fraudulent family claims since April 2018, alongside about 260,000 migrant family members,” the newspaper reported.

The newspaper uncovered more than five dozen fraud prosecutions, including 15 where adults used bogus birth certificates. The cases were charged as misdemeanors and most ended in guilty pleas. Prison sentences were pointless, “ranging from a few days to about six weeks.”

On Monday, the Star reported, a border-jumping Guatemalan tried to use a fake birth certificate to prove he was the father in a “family.” He landed in federal prison for 15 days.

On August 30, two illegal Mexicans “each paid $260 for authentic birth certificates belonging to a Guatemalan man and a Guatemalan minor with the same last name. The Mexican men walked into the San Luis port of entry, posing as the Guatemalans, and said they were headed to Nashville to look for work. They were sentenced to 20 days in federal prison, court records show.”

Federal authorities indicted a Guatemalan human smuggler on March 27, the Star reported.

That unsavory individual rented a boy for $130 to have a “son” at the border. He crossed into the country near Lukeville, Arizona, on Februaru 18, in a group of 101 migrants, the newspaper reported. He “showed Border Patrol agents a Guatemalan birth certificate to prove the boy was his son, but four days later agents determined the claim was false.” The smuggler told a federal agent that he also paid $130 for the birth certificate.

In another case that proves “migrants” have correctly calculated the weakness of U.S. immigration policy, a border-jumping Guatemalan, who presented a fake birth certificate for a 15-year-old daughter than turned out to be his 18-year-old sister-in-law, “said he was told they would be able to stay in the United States if they said they were father and daughter.”

The two were charged in the scheme, and received a pointless sentence of time served.

Recycling, Most Asylum Claims Are False
ICE reported last week that of the families it investigated in April, 25 percent were fakes.

But that is no surprise. Migrants know border agents will release them into the country if they present themselves as a family, and the punishment when caught, as the report in the Star shows, is hardly a deterrent.

Such is the incentive to jump the border that smugglers are “recycling” children, as TNA reported yesterday. Once a child is across the border, apprehended, and then released with a “family,” smugglers hustle back across the border for another trip with another “family.” Agents recently uncovered the case of a child who had been recycled at least twice.

The Star suggested that “family fraud” is rare given the number of families illegally crossing the border, but tales of family ties aren’t the only lies “migrants” tell.

As The New American has reported on multiple occasions, most migrants are poor people looking for work, welfare, and other goodies. They are not “fleeing violence.”

Caravan “migrants” have repeatedly told reporters they’re coming here to get jobs. When CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo asked a “migrant” why she was in the United States, she quickly delivered the well-rehearsed “asylum, asylum.” But when Bartiromo pressed the illegal about fear of violence, she confessed. “Well actually, I just want to get opportunity for my daughter.”

In January, a White House briefing paper reported that “72% of migrants report making the journey for economic reasons and therefore would not typically qualify for asylum.” But only 10 percent of those claims are granted, which means 90 percent are bogus.

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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