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By Jason Devaney   |  NewsMax

Former CIA Director James Woolsey told Newsmax TV that Germany is “not behaving” by, among other things, partnering with Russia on energy.

Woolsey was a guest on Tuesday’s “Newsmax Now” and said a planned meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and German Chancellor Angela Merkel might have been canceled because of how Germany is acting on the world stage. It was revealed later that Pompeo instead met with Iraq’s prime minister to discuss growing tensions with Iran.

“I think it may have — speculation merely, on my part — Germany is not behaving like a good member of the family,” Woolsey said. “I think we have to be ready to take steps that would not be pleasing to Germany with respect to to the economics of the overall conditions in Europe, the tax breaks, and other things that are given to the Germans.

“We were very, very nice to our allies in the aftermath of essentially the Cold War. We more or less won the Cold War and we were trying to bring the east, rather gently, into the world in the new time that began at the end of the ’80s, beginning of the ’90s. But Germany has instead decided to be extra friendly to Russia with respect to oil pipelines, with respect to a lot of things.”

Germany buys a significant chunk of its oil from Russia — 37% in 2017, according to Clean Energy Wire — thanks to pipelines. The Trump administration has frowned upon Germany’s reliance on Russian oil to survive.

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