God foretold us in his latter-day prophesies that he would turn over evil people to a, “Reprobate Mind”, and it appears he’s done just that.

While illegal immigrants pour into our nation, driving drunk, raping women and little children, smuggling and selling drugs — and committing murders, the Democrat-controlled House is doing nothing more than trying to avoid the inevitable prosecutions that will surely come after all the investigations into their illegal conduct have been completed.

In fact, this particular Democrat-controlled House has done nothing substantial since they took control five months ago — except to harass President Trump and try to discourage Attorney General William Barr from doing his job, and in the meantime all Americans are looking on wondering when they will ever come first?

The stage is now being deftly set to allow bad news for Democrats to be revealed month in, month out until the 2020 elections, so I now predict a complete takeover of the House and Senate by the GOP and the re-election of President Trump.

It cracks me up, because even a small child could make the same accurate prediction, yet those not-so-blessed Democrats with their shiny-new Reprobate Minds are unable to see they are making the worst political mistake in Democrat history!

This is going to be fun to watch.

Carl F. Worden

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