Former FBI General Counsel James Baker Tries To Gaslight Us On The Russia Hoax And It Doesn’t Work

by streiff |   RedState

Former FBI counsel James Baker crawled out from under the warm, damp and odoriferous place he’s been keeping himself to try to rehabilitate his shredded integrity with the aid of another swamp creature.

The venue was the Qatar-funded (Qatar is the major international sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood, if you’re keeping score) and the event was the LawFareBlog’s podcast. The host was Benjamin Wittes, who is a something-or-another at Brookings and runs LawFareBlog, both and either of which come within a few millimeters of making him an unregistered agent for Qatar. While his status as Qatar’s representative may be open to interpretation, his status as one of the most egregious peddlers of scurrlious trash about the Muller investigation and the Trump administration’s non-relationship with Russia, always prefacing the non-stories he was pushing with “BOOM!”

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