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Date Country City Dead Wounded Description
May 10 Afghanistan Daykundi Province 5 4 Five people were killed and four wounded after their vehicle set off an explosive device in central Daykundi Province
Murghab District 24 11 24 soldiers were killed and 11 injured when Taliban militants attacked security posts in the Murghab District. Several militants were also killed or injured
Farah Province 7 Seven Taliban militants killed in Farah Province
Kandahar Province 6 Six Taliban militants killed in Kandahar Province
Pakistan Balochistan 5 Three FC personnel among five persons killed in Balochistan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2 Two militants killed in operation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Syria Bahdaliya 1 2 A civilian dies from injuries following a Jihadi roadside blast
Afghanistan Murghab 15 5 The Taliban overrun two guardposts and massacre fifteen Afghans
Dawlat Abad 4 5 Four children killed by a Taliban IED
Iraq Kawar 8 Islamic militants slaughter a husband, wife and their six children in their home
Burkina Faso En route to Mali 2 Two French special forces officers were killed Friday in a military operation in the West African nation of Burkina Faso that freed four people from the United States, France and South Korea
Nigeria Borno 7 Seven terrorists killed after a serious battle with them at Gulwa.
Syria Idlib 3 At least three civilians, including a woman, were killed as Syrian forces artillery fired shells on Khan Sheikhoun city in Idlib
Idlib 2 At least two civilians, including a woman, were killed in an intensive shelling by Assad forces missile launcher on Kafranbel city in Idlib
May 9 Libya Ghadwa 3 4+ Suspected Islamic State militants attacked the town of Ghadwa, near the southern Libyan city of Sabha. The attackers entered the town and opened fire, killing three and injuring several others, before retreating
Iraq Mosul 8 Eight people, including an elder, were killed when Islamic State militants attacked their house with gunfire.
Afghanistan Qarabagh District 3 2 Taliban militants attacked a military convoy, killing three police officers and injuring two others. Several Taliban militants were also killed or injured
Iraq Baghdad 8+1 15 8 people killed and 15 others wounded when a suicide bomber detonated at the crowded Jamila market in Eastern Baghdad. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack
Afghanistan Faryab Province 33 33 Taliban militants killed
Kabul Province 9 Nine persons including four civilians killed in a Taliban attack on a United State based aid group CARE.
Helmand Province 7 Seven Taliban militants killed
Farah Province 6 Six Taliban militants killed
Uruzgan Province 4 Four Taliban militants killed
India Chhattisgarh 2 Two persons, including a civilian killed in separate incidents
Paktika Province 2 Two Taliban militants killed
Jammu and Kashmir 2 Militants fire at and injure two civilians
Pakistan Balochistan 3 Tribal elder among three persons killed in blast
Afghanistan Laywanay Bazaar 3 2 Hardline fundamentalists ambush and kill three local cops
Iraq Diyala 2 Two Iraqi paramilitary fighters were wounded Wednesday in a bomb attack
Syria Deir Ez-Zour 1

Death of a civilian in a shooting by unknown gunmen in al Jarthi village

Deir Ez-Zour 1

Syrian Democratic forces killed a civilian in al Sh-heil city

Idlib suburbs 1

Syrian regime forces killed a girl in Heesh village

Idlib suburbs 1

Syrian regime forces killed a civilian in al Hraki village

Idlib suburbs 3

Syrian regime forces killed civilians in Heesh village

May 8 Pakistan Lahore 10+1 24 A suicide bombing occurred at the gate for female visitors at the Sufi Data Darbar shrine in Lahore. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility
Afghanistan Kabul 5+4 24 Taliban militants attacked the offices of Counterpart International in Kabul. A car bomb was first detonated at the gates of the office, after which four attackers entered the building before special forces arrived. All four attackers were killed after a nearly five hour battle
Loy Kandahar region 29 36 29 Taliban militants killed
Paktia Province 11 11 militants killed
Maidan Wardak Province 5 5 Taliban militants killed
Helmand Province 4 4 Taliban militants killed as Taliban Red Unit commander’s compound was stormed
Helmand District 4 4 Taliban militants killed
Ghazni Province 3 3 militants killed
Paktika Province 3 3 Taliban militants killed
Iraq Saladin Governorate 3 4 Unidentified gunmen attacked a house in the Saladin Governorate, killing three and injuring four others
Miqdadiyah 2 Two Iraqi paramilitary fighters were wounded while patrolling in a bomb explosion.
Syria Farat 2 4 A suicide car bomber takes out two civilian bystanders
Manbij 3 3 civilians killed by shrapnels
Iraq Mazarei 3 5 Three people killed by Islamic State gunmen’s attack on a family home
Nigeria Molai 11 12 Boko Haram tear into a village and slaughter eleven people
Syria Khan Sheikhoun 3 At least three civilians were killed as Syrian regime fixed- wing warplanes fired missiles in parallel with a shelling by their missile launcher on Khan Sheikhoun city in Idlib governorate
al Keshkiya 1 A motorcycle bomb exploded in front of al Omairi Makeshift Hospital in al Keshkiya town in Deir Ez-Zour governorate
Kansfara village 1 Ghada Ibrahim al Saeed Mrouh died on May 8 due to wounds sustained on May 7, as Syrian regime forces helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Kansfara village
May 7 Afghanistan

Alingar District

4 2 Four police officers were killed and two others wounded when a bomb exploded near a police vehicle in the Alignar district in Afghanistan
Farah Province 20+18 38 persons including 20 Afghan Army soldiers and 18 Taliban militants killed in separate incidents
Helmand Province 8 Eight Taliban militants killed
Uruzgan Province 1 Taliban ‘deputy commander’ killed
India Jammu and Kashmir 4 BSF officer among three persons injured in Pakistani shelling along LoC
Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 3 Soldier killed and three others injured in militant attack
Burkina Faso Ouahigouya 1 Terrorists fire into a toll booth, killing the operator
Iraq Debis 3 2 An ISIS attack leaves three dead.
Libya Tripoli 1 Forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar have shot down a warplane belonging to the internationally-recognised Government of National Accords (GNA). The Portuguese pilot is receiving medical treatment.
Syria Idlib, Hama province 15 At least 15 civilians, including children, have been killed in Syria’s northwest region.
Latakia province Terrorists attack Russian airbase in Syria, fail to cause damages or casualties
Iraq Anbar 13

Iraqi army joined forces with tribes to kill 13 Daesh militants

Altun Kupri town, Kirkuk province 3 1

Unidentified gunmen shoot three Iraqi policemen dead, one wounded. IS group suspected.

May 6 Afghanistan

Gulistan District

13 12 Taliban militants attacked army posts in the Gulistan District of Afghanistan, setting off clashes. 13 soldiers were killed and 12 others injured. Two other soldiers were kidnapped
Baghlan Province 21 13 21 persons including 13 Policemen and eight Taliban militants killed
Uruzgan Province 12 12 Taliban militants killed
Nangarhar Province 5 5 ISIS-K militants killed
Logar Province 1 Taliban militant killed
India Jammu and Kashmir 5 Five persons injured in Pakistani shelling along LoC
Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 Polio official shot dead
Punjab 1 Policeman shot dead
North Waziristan 4 10 Two separate shooting attacks on local security leave four dead.
Syria Aleppo 8 At least eight civilians (including 3 children) have been killed in government-led air raids in rebel-held towns on the outskirts of Syria’s Aleppo
Turkey Hakkari province 3 1

3 Turkish soldiers killed in PKK mortar attack from Iraq

May 5 Afghanistan Kunar province 43 43 IS militants killed in separate air-strikes
Kabul Province 26 26 militants killed in operations
Kandahar Province 14 14 Taliban militants killed in
Uruzgan Province 13 13 Taliban militants killed by NDS
Faryab Province 6 6 civilians killed by Taliban
Paktia province 2 Taliban ‘commander’ kills two civilians
India Bihar 1 India Civilian killed in IED blast
Jammu and Kashmir 1 India: Political leader killed
Israel South 5 128+ 5 Israelis kiiled by Hamas rockets
Iraq Mosul 1 Arena games’ Coach wounded in Mosul motorbike attack
Afghanistan Puli Khumri 55 13 + 9 Taliban militants attacked a police station in the northern Afghanistan with a suicide bombing + shooting


9 At least nine civilians killed in government-led air raids
Turkey Southeastern Turkey 3 1 3 Turkish soldiers killed in PKK mortar attack from Iraq
Syria Ma’aret Harma 1 Syrian regime forces killed a civilian in Ma’aret Harma village in…
al Rakaya 1 Syrian regime forces killed a woman in al Rakaya village in…
Gaza Gaza 2 A pregnant woman and her infant are killed by a Hamas rocket.
Somalia Mogadishu 1 A bomb left on a minibus kills one person when it goes off.
Pakistan Mamond 1 A polio worker is shot to death by suspected radicals
Nigeria Magumeri 10

Islamic State claims it killed 10 soldiers in northeastern Nigeria

Total 622 371
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