Is it just Gannet Newspapers or is it just their writers that hate Casada?

Tonyaa Weathersbee is a writer with USA Today (Gannett) and is and, we assume, will always be a racist and loves playing the racist card whenever she can. Gannett loves it. It brings in readers and criticism, but most important it brings in readers. Her articles are bent around it and Gannett uses it for social political purposes. Of course, Gannett is bleeding money but we are not sure they honestly care. The readers that they seek are what Rush Limbaugh might call low information voters. We think they are working to move into the range of emotionally deranged voters.

In her latest piece of “loose news” she has decided that she is the only judge of character that is needed to rule the news waves:

So now, a handful of Republican lawmakers want House Speaker Glen Casada to step down for exchanging  lewd, misogynistic  texts with his former chief of staff, Cade Cothren.

Considering all their GOP colleagues aren’t calling for the same, that took a bit of courage.

But the question that Tennessee’s GOP lawmakers should be asking themselves is why Casada and Cothren felt  free to debase women  in the first place?

Why did Cothren feel no shame in texting his boss a photo of an upside-down woman near a pole and ask, “How about some pole dancing?”

Why did Casada, a self-proclaimed Christian, respond, “Can I just touch?”

What brand of arrogance and insensitivity — or what brand of  cocaine  Cothren was using in his legislative office — compelled him to text Casada about having sex with a woman in a bathroom at a restaurant and to discuss soliciting sex from interns and lobbyists?

Wow! What adjectives she can throw out!

No wonder Gannett has lost 7 billion dollars as a news agency.

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