Glen Casada used state plane for 5 trips in 3 months. His predecessor used it twice in 8 years

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The left is now looking for everything it can to support the case of eviction for House Speaker Glen Casada and now the Tennessean, that standup newspaper, whose main purpose in life is to present their view of the truth has reached down into the depths of reporting and discovered that Speaker Casada traveled on the state airplane more than his predecessor. Okay….

House Speaker Glen Casada spent nearly $7,900 in taxpayer money for 10 flights on a state airplane in the last three months, according to state records. The frequency and cost of Casada’s flights are significantly more than those of his predecessor and Senate counterpart. And at least one of the taxpayer-funded trips Casada took included attendance at a Republican political dinner. Casada’s taxpayer-funded travel included round trips to Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Fort Campbell.

Our favorite author from the Times Free Press, Andy Sher, some years back reported about our fleet of planes and gave us an inventory list. Depending on the plane, I consider this a certain kind bravery to actually ride in one of these.

Here are the current planes owned by the state, the type of plane, the manufacture date and when the state purchased it.

110EC – 2007 King Air 350 – November 2012

910EC – 2004 Cessna 208 – November 2004

510EC – 1984 Cessna 182 – March 1989

310EC – 1988 Baron58 – July 1989

10EC – 1985 King Air 200 – March 1985

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