“Little Girl Voice” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling America to Fascism

By Judi McLeod  |  Canadian Free Press 

The “little girl voice” is a prime prop in the lexicon of Justice Democrat Casting Call Winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Tell folk the planet on which they live will be dead and gone within 12 years, and what you get is a scare monger’s Big Fail.  Say it in the plaintive voice of a ‘little girl’ and all bleeding heart liberals will flock to your rescue like seagulls to strewn garbage.

Little Girl Voice of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling America to Fascism

Little girl voices always engender immediate sympathy.  Just ask Christine Blasey Ford during her epic attempts to destroy Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

But everything about AOC is a well orchestrated ACT of which her little girl voice is only the most recognizable part.

The New York Rep,. who, like radicals Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib took rise in 2018 Midterms, was after all, handpicked by Bernie Sanders’ Justice Democrats among 10,000 try-outs in a massive casting call.

AOC does not serve the electorate of New York’s 17th District, so much as she serves the Justice Democrat Movement that seeks to take over the Democrat Party and then an entire beleaguered America.

AOC lectures the world about global warming/climate change in a little girl voice in language that’s mostly pure baloney.

When blowback for what she is saying finally gets through to her cortex, she backtracks to the alibi that she was only joking.

Unfortunately, AOC is far more reality in action than just another sick joke.

Count on AOC’s lectures in a little girl voice straight up to 2020 Election Day.  Count on Democrats in office and media coming to her rescue until it’s all over.

There’s no middle ground for AOC, who drew titters from the crowd at a Monday Night Rally when she quipped that Democrats who don’t agree with her are “Conservatives”:

Award-winning Radio Talk Show giant Mark Levin says AOC is calling to the masses in the voice of Fascism, and he is right, saying on last night’s show “you are listening to fascism right here”: (Mark Levin Show—1:09:00 Mark)

Meanwhile, the loudest voice leading America to fascism is the “little girl voice” of Bernie Sanders’ created pretend “Little Girl” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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