Image result for political theftSo I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about the school cafeteria worker, Bonnie Kimball, who was fired after she gave a student a free meal because the student had no money.  There was a, “moral outcry”, by people with no moral compass at all.

Some people are actually calling this thief a hero.  What would have made Bonnie Kimball a hero is if she had paid for the meal she gave to the student — but she didn’t.

Fifty bucks says Kimball is a registered Democrat, because this is exactly how the Liberal mind works.  She was more than willing to let the kid have a free meal, but she wasn’t about to pay for it herself.  That is where she crossed the line.  She was happy to make her employer take the loss, while posing as a hero for giving the kid a free meal.

That doesn’t make Kimball a hero; it makes her a common thief.

Thou shalt not steal.  It is not a suggestion.

Carl F. Worden

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