Media Too Blinded by Leftist Agenda to Realize How Badly America’s Top Constitutionalist Blasted Them

For nearly 10 years, America’s top cops not only refused to defend the Constitution, but two of them went out of their way to violate the Constitution.

Many thought that Trump’s top cop would finally uphold and defend the Constitution, but that assumption was proven to the so very wrong as he didn’t have the integrity to defend and uphold the Constitution.

His replacement is a man who fully understands, respects and honors the Constitution probably more than most others in our nation.

In recent interviews, he, Attorney General William Barr, blasted the sewagestream media for failing to truthfully report anything and almost everything involving Spygate, the Russia probe President Donald Trump.

And yet, the sewagestream media fails to understand the severity of what Barr said about them and what he is capable of doing to them.

The National Sentinel – AG Barr blasts ‘mainstream’ media for enabling ‘Spygate’ scandal: ‘They’re supposed to be watchdogs’ – If anyone currently working for and on behalf of the Trump administration has an expert’s grasp of our Constitution, our founding, and what sort of country our founders bequeathed to their descendants, it’s Attorney General William Barr.

During his multi-faceted interview last week with CBS News, the AG took the Left-wing “mainstream media” to task for failing to properly report on the “Spygate” scandal that, in fact, they helped to enable by serving as conduits for lies, fake news, and phony allegations against a president their friends in the deep state sought to depose.

More specifically, Barr was floored by the fact that the media was uninterested in the origins of the Russia probe — why it started, who started it, and what evidence or events actually initiated it…

I hope and pray that Barr eventually finds ground with which to charge the major media outlets of being complicit to the crimes committed by those who illegally conspired against Donald Trump, before and after the 2016 election.

Just think how wonderful it would be to see CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times and Washington Post all face charges stemming from the list of charges that Barr mentioned.

If nothing else, it should serve as a warning to other media outlets to start reporting the news instead of distorting, lying and hiding it.

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