Awhile back I wrote an article titled, “The Case For Declaring War On Mexico”.  I’m sure a lot of readers did not seriously consider that option, but this threat to impose tariffs on all Mexican imports to the United States is actually more problematic than meets the eye.

During the trial of, “El Chapo”, it was revealed that former President of Mexico, Nieto, had received at least $1 million dollars from El Chapo’s cartel, obviously to grease their Human trafficking and drug smuggling operations into the United States.

This new Mexican President Obrador is a Leftist and an open-border Globalist, and if Nieto had been successfully corrupted by the cartels, you can bet the farm a Leftist Mexican President has carried on the, “tradition” — and there’s the rub I’m getting to.

Let’s play chess by considering all the variable moves:

First, President Trump believes he can force Obrador to enforce Mexican immigration laws by threatening tariffs that would theoretically put a halt to most illegal immigration coming from Mexico.  That might work if the cartels were not involved.

If you put yourself on President Obrador’s side of the chess board, you’ll immediately realize Trump’s seemingly simplistic solution has severely complicated Obrador’s situation — a complication that could easily result in Obrador’s assassination by the cartels if he were to totally cooperate with Trump to avoid the tariffs.  When you accept money from organized criminals, they expect you to stay bought — or else!

That leaves Obrador two really bad choices and one, not-so-bad, choice:

1:  He can cave to Trump and stop the illegal immigration problem, but if he does, he will incur the wrath of the cartels; or,

2:  He can promise Trump he’ll stop the illegal immigration problem and cheat; or,

3:  He will accept the tariffs and hurt the Mexican economy, but save his own life — and keep the cartel’s money.

President Trump is no fool, so he’ll make certain Mexico is enforcing its own immigration laws before withdrawing the tariffs.  That nixes Option Two (but not if Trump allows more time for the tariffs to go into effect).  Option One is potentially disastrous for Obrador personally, but Option Three, while boding disastrous for Obrador’s re-election prospects, allows Obrador to save his life and keep his ill-gotten gains for a very comfortable retirement when he leaves office.

Most Mexican politicians will choose Option Three, because they have no loyalty to their people and corruption in Mexico is systemic to the point that it is the cartels, not the government, that truly control Mexico now.

So while my readers may not have taken my article seriously about declaring war on Mexico, I still insist that option is the most beneficial to all concerned — except the cartels.

By taking over Mexico and adding the existing Mexican states to be new states of the USA, our Constitution and Bill of Rights would apply to every former Mexican citizen, allowing them to live and work in Mexico and have the same opportunities to succeed in the former Mexico as we enjoy here in the USA.  After all, it is our form of government and Capitalism that has allowed the United States to become the most prosperous and powerful nation in known history, right?

So instead of Mexicans trying to leave their country and start a new life here, they can stay home and enjoy the same opportunities we enjoy.  To control the, “Other That Mexican”, (OTM) illegal immigrants from outside Mexico, we’d only have about 700 miles of border between Mexico and Guatemala to contend with, which is about one third the over 2,000 miles of southern border with Mexico we are currently unable to control.

Mexico is not our ally or our friend.  As far as I can remember, Mexico never sent its soldiers to fight alongside our soldiers in any war we’ve had to wage, so all Mexico really has been is a trading partner, and thanks to NAFTA, an outrageously unfair trading partner.  Couple that with the fact Mexico has flooded our nation with its poorest and often criminal citizens, including their illegal drugs, and you have to repeat the old adage:

“With friends like that, who needs enemies”?

I can’t wait to see how this whole mess turns out.

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