When is the last time you watched a recently released movie that did not have a homosexual or lesbian scene or mention in it?  Almost every Hollywood movie includes at least a minor reference to such perversions, yet according to the experts, only about 3% of the world population practices such evil abominations.

Conclusion:  Hollywood cretins are trying to create the illusion through mind control that almost everyone practices or at least accepts homosexuality/lesbianism as normal.

When you read the newspaper or watch most cable news, how often do you read or hear about a reference to Human-caused climate change/global warming?  I don’t know about you, but my little newspaper in podunk Medford, Oregon includes at least one such article almost daily, even though the subject has not been scientifically proved regardless of the absurd claim that 97% of all climate scientists believe the earth is warming and it is Human-caused.  Did you ever notice those 97% are never named, so you have no way of independently verifying that statistic?  Why not, do you suppose?

Have you noticed the increasing reference to UFO sightings to the point that the experts only now finally recognize that they are real?  They’ve known they are real for a long time now.  We Christians who actually study the Bible know very well they are real because such a craft is clearly described in the Book of Ezekiel.  Few Christians realize that those beings seen in and around landed UFOs are the, “Watchers”, mentioned in Daniel 4:17.  These, “Watchers”, are of the Kingdom of God, and yes, they do use these craft as transportation, but they are of a spirit body so they are not affected by the G-forces that no flesh-bound Human could survive.

Clearly, these Watchers (similar to angels) have powers, technology and capabilities far surpassing our own and could utterly wipe out all Humans and take the earth for themselves if they wanted to, but they haven’t, have they?  That should tell you something is different about them from what we Humans might do under the same circumstances.

We are methodically being brain washed through very carefully contrived mind control, and my instincts are telling me we are being mind-controlled to make us accept and even worship the Anti-Christ when he comes on the scene and claims to be the real Jesus. But any true, Bible-studying Christian knows from plainly-written scripture that when the real Jesus returns, we will all be instantly transformed into spirit bodies (1st Corinthians 15:51).  So here’s your first clue:  If you are still in your flesh-bound body and this charming, charismatic smooth-talker claims to be Jesus, he ain’t Jesus!   So beware!

I’ve been studying the Bible since age 10 and I just turned 70.  I only recently discovered an unlikely source for the very best, most accurate interpretation of the Bible ever, and that is a television program called, Shepherd’s Chapel.  If you have Dish, that program runs 24/7, but if you don’t have Dish you’ll probably have access to that program anyway.  If not, you can find Shepherd’s Chapel on the Internet.

Shepherd’s Chapel is Pastor Arnold Murray and his son, Pastor Dennis Murray, and what makes them different is the fact they teach directly from the Bible by chapter and verse, and they know the original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words used in the original Bible manuscripts.  The reason this is important is because there are mistranslations even in the King James version of the Bible that the Murrays will point out so you have a better understanding of what God is teaching.  It is very helpful to have a Companion Bible and an older version of Strong’s Concordance when you study with the Murrays so you can follow exactly what they are teaching and verify it for yourself.

You will never hear a sermon on Shepherd’s Chapel.  You will never be misled by some, “pastor”, who takes a Bible passage out of its original context to prove his false point — and there are a lot of those nowadays.  What you will get from Shepherd’s Chapel all day long is the very best Bible Study you have ever attended, and you don’t have to go anywhere except the comfort of your own home!

When you study with the Murrays, all of your former uncertainties and questions will be answered.  You will learn the earth is far older than how the Book of Genesis seems to read.  You will learn there was a First Earth Age when Lucifer rebelled against God and convinced 1/3 of all God’s Children (you and me) to follow him.  You will learn that God had to destroy all life from the First Earth Age in order to give all his children a second chance in this Second Earth Age we are in.  Then you will learn that after the real Jesus returns, there will be a Third Earth Age, and all of this will be made clear to you in real time with solid facts written in the Holy Bible itself for you to verify.

For example, archeologists have found clear Human footprints next to and over Dinosaur footprints preserved in the exact same time period.  Our modern scientists say the Dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago and that Man came along after they were long extinct.  But those pesky footprints tell us those scientists are wrong.  Sure, we no longer have Dinosaurs roaming around with us in this Second Earth Age, but you will learn these footprints were made during the First Earth Age.  In fact, you will learn there is no conflict whatsoever between modern scientific and archeological findings, and the Bible.  None!

Had I not studied the Bible as long as I have, I might not have recognized how superior the Bible teachings are from Shepherd’s Chapel, and if I had any doubts whatsoever, believe me, I’d tell you.

So tune in!  You won’t be sorry, and doing so will also help protect your mind from all the lies and mind control going on out there today.

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