Call2Fall is Just 3 Weeks Away – June 30, 2019

On Sunday, June 30, 2019, just weeks from now, thousands of churches, praying families, and individuals will take part in the 11th annual Call2Fall.

We prayed for President Trump together on Sunday, June 2. Now, America and America’s churches need serious prayer, and this is the time — Sunday, June 30 (the last Sunday before Independence Day).

Many churches have taken the midweek prayer meeting out of their schedule and too many have too little or no corporate prayer time in their services. Many pastors have told us their church people had never been on their knees together in prayer until they took part in the Call2Fall.

But on June 30, pastors across America will lead their people to pray for our nation during their regular Sunday services — in the pattern of Joel 2:12-18 and 2 Chronicles 7:14, and certain times in American history when they were asked to do so.

We all know that America is in trouble. We have a roaring economy, and that is good, but we have never been so culturally divided as a nation since the Civil War. And even though our population has been growing, church attendance has been in decline for many years. Serious sin is epidemic and brazen in our lifetimes, and that includes within the church.

Our politicians advocate for “a right to abortion” and “taxpayer funding for abortion.” Presidential candidates want to replace American free enterprise with socialism. Marriage and sexual morality have been abandoned by far too many Americans. Sex outside marriage and deviant sex are being taught as normal and are promoted in our public schools and institutions. Over half of the men and women in our churches privately indulge in pornography. Little wonder that our churches are making so little impact in the cultural war over marriage and human sexuality. The war for life has reached a feverish pitch as so many Americans no longer believe we are all created in the image of God and that our lives are sacred from conception to natural death.

The states are divided over whether people of faith should be allowed to practice their faith freely (religious freedom) or be forced to participate in and allow their children to be taught practices the Bible taches are spiritually and morally abominable. American religious liberty is now being directly challenged in our courts and legislatures.

Meanwhile, the worldwide persecution of Christians (torture, rape, murder, and other atrocities) is taking place at a higher rate today than at any time in human history. It is time to pray — not just business as usual prayer, but serious nation and world-changing prayer.

Thousands of churches have made Call2Fall their day to pray and lead their people in a time of corporate repentance and serious, concentrated prayer — prayer for themselves, for their church, their denomination, our nation, and the world — uniting with thousands of churches, families, and individual believers across the nation.

What makes the Call2Fall distinctive is the request that each participant who can take at least five minutes of their prayer time on their knees in an expression of humility before God (see The Story Behind Call2Fall by Tony Perkins).

The Call2Fall website has many FREE tools and resources for pastors and church leaders, including Sermon Starters, Bulletin Inserts, PowerPoint slides, videos, and more.

The Call2Fall is just three weeks away on June 30, 2019. So please hurry and help us get the word out to your church, to fellow pastors, and to everyone you can during the short time before Sunday, June 30. Download from among our online resources and pass them on to pastors and prayer leaders you know who have a heart to see America return to God in prayer. Share the links with your Facebook friends and point them to the Call2Fall site and Facebook page.

If you are a pastor, I encourage you to set aside time in your worship services on Sunday, June 30. Lead your congregation in prayer and ask all who can get on their knees to do so and cry out to God for our nation. It is only appropriate for us to do this on the Sunday before we break out picnic gear, fire up the grill, and light fireworks to celebrate our nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July.

Visit to sign up your church or to update your church information. Join us in making the Call2Fall Declaration:

I will answer God’s call to fall on my knees in humility
and seek His face in repentance so that He might
forgive my sins and heal our land.

Thank you and God bless.

Yours for Revival in the Church & Awakening in America,

Rev. Pierre Bynum
Chaplain & National Prayer Director

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