I sincerely hope this new, “deal”, with Mexico to stem illegal immigrants from coming into the United States works, but I do not believe for one second that it will.

I’m not blaming President Trump if it doesn’t work, but the deal allows a review after 90 days, when all it will take is no more than 30 days to see if the caravans have stopped coming.  If the number of illegal immigrants does not dramatically drop within 30 days, it ain’t gonna get better in 90 days, so I don’t see the point of this bullshit at all.

So let’s not call it a, “win”, quite yet.  A written and signed agreement is still just a piece of paper if one of the parties doesn’t fulfill his/her part of the agreement, and Mexico cannot be trusted.

If there is no dramatic drop at the border within 30 days, it just means Mexico signed the agreement to buy time, and all they will do for their failure is make excuses like they’ve done all along.

Carl F. Worden

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