The News June 12th 2019 via Real Clear Politics

Trump’s Job Corps Reforms Stir Rural Lawmakers’ Unease. Phil Wegmann has the story.

An Alternative to Impeachment. Les Francis offers advice to lawmakers who, like him, are eager to see Donald Trump return to private life.

Bruce Ohr’s Linchpin Role in Russiagate. In RealClearInvestigations, Eric Felten explores why Ohr omitted from his Justice Department ethics disclosure his wife’s work for Clinton-paid opposition researchers.

Will SCOTUS Check Government’s Power of Confiscation? In RealClearPolicy, John Eastman considers a case involving Love Field in Dallas and the Constitution’s “Takings Clause.”

The People Are the Press. Also in RCPolicy, Matthew Daniels decries “black holes” of internet censorship in China, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

Your Coffee-Buying Habit Could Hamper Your Retirement. In RealClearMarkets, Dustin Siggins explains how daily stops at Starbucks and its ilk add up to lost potential on a grand scale over the years.

The Underground Arms Race in the Middle East. In RealClearWorld, Yaacov Ayish warns that militant groups’ subterranean networks are a growing feature of modern warfare.

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