It’s Time for Trump to Take On Mitch McConnell

My disdain for McConnell and his wife is beyond words.  I figured that Pres. Trump was uninformed when he first took office about the SNAKES that his *advisors* were encouraging him to place in his cabinet.  He really had no clue (IMHO) of just how snakey the career politicians were and ARE.  My hope is that he has figured out the ones that work hard against him while smiling at his face and pretending to be *loyal* to him.

I am not in agreement with many of the decisions Pres. Trump makes but at the same time I understand that he is under some extreme conditions that few of us can begin to understand. The safety of his family members are  big concern and I am sure that he has been threatened in that matter if he should fight too much against the *SWAMP creatures*.  From what I have observed he would have done a lot more housecleaning if he hadn’t been advised of the consequences of doing a thorough CLEANING.  I am also of the opinion that he was TOLD which house maids to keep in place (Elaine Chao).  The McConnells connection to China is not a good thing for America and Americans.

The RINO’s are slowly being exposed but far too many are still in positions to do great harm to America.  It is one thing to fight the DIMWITS but fighting against the ones in DRAG is another thing.    EPH 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So, when you criticize Pres. rump – please keep in mind that the man is only one man and he is surrounded by ENEMIES WITHIN – enemies that travel and are with every member of the Trump family every day.  It is why I spend much time in prayer for the protection of the Trump family from the wickedness of those who intend to block all he is trying to do.

Jackie Juntti
The distinguishing mark of Christians is their love
The distinguishing mark of non-believers is their hate.

RINO-in-Chief Mitch McConnellThis week we have one of those rare occasions when government priorities and government funding match exactly. Fox News reports, “Loose change left at airports may be used to help fund border operations.”

If you need additional proof Washington, Inc. doesn’t give a damn about stopping and reversing illegal immigration this should do it.

Maybe Trump will order the Pentagon to go through the seats looking for nickels after Nancy Pelosi commandeers a military jet to take her home on weekends.

Pelosi, though isn’t the problem. She’s doing what she promised her voters. The House isn’t the problem. Even under the ‘leadership’ of Paul RINO immigration bills were passed and forwarded to the Senate.

The problem is the Senate. Even when Republicans controlled the presidency and both houses nothing was done. People are tired of an immigration policy that only works against citizens and the Chamber of Commerce conservatives who refuse to change it.

Already Sen. Thom Tillis (R–Carolina del Norte) has a primary opponent named Garland Tucker III who is running TV commercials. Sen. Susan Collins (R–Intermittantly) has a primary opponent, as does Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–Weathervane). All fit Tucker Carlson’s description of our ruling class, “decadent and narcissistic.”

These primary opponents are a start, because without a change in the Senate, retaking the House and re–electing Trump will be as meaningless for border enforcement as it was in 2016.

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