Trump shows off new Air Force One design and says there are ‘a couple of secrets’ in it as Democrats threaten to block him from changing Jackie Kennedy color scheme

  • New Air Force One jets are due in 2024 and Trump wants a different paint job 
  • He showed off a red, white and blue color scheme in the Oval Office
  • It would replace the 57-year-old livery that Jackie Kennedy dreamed up with an industrial designer the year before her husband was assassinated
  • That design didn’t include any red, the color of the Republican Party
  • Democrats in Congress are trying to hamstring Trump’s ability to micromanage the details
  • His favored colors look more like his own private plane than like the current presidential aircraft

President Donald Trump revealed his design this week for a new Air Force One, showing off a set of drawings in the Oval Office that replace the Kennedy-era light blue paint job with a more masculine red, white and black.

The current livery is dominated by blue, the color of the Democratic Party. Trump’s re-do has splashes of Republican red.

The result resembles the color scheme of Trump’s personal Boeing 757, which 2016 campaign crowds called ‘Trump Force One.’

‘We had different choices, here,’ Trump told ABC News, saying that he had come up with the design concepts himself. Artists’ renderings show variations in the color of the engines and the depth of the underbelly’s dark tones.

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