NBC Decides to Do a Hit Piece On Dads with Daughters… dads need listen to why their daughters are so angry

Huge Crowds Rally At Women's Marches Across The U.S.

During one week in May, no fewer than six dads told us independent of each other that their teenage daughters were mad. “She’s so angry,” said one. “She’s got so much anger,” said another. Each father looked sincerely bewildered. “She used to be so … happy.”

We texted back and forth, at first struck that we were having the same conversations with men despite the fact that we live 600 miles apart. But we also recognized that this anecdotal uptick in dads talking about their daughters’ anger might not be a coincidence. Around the country, fathers are waking up to their daughters’ experiences in an era when anger is arguably the most logical response a girl can have to what is happening around her.

Because while women have historically had plenty of reasons to be frustrated, teenagers today are, Pew Research Center studies show, more amorphously anxious than prior generations. Teens are concerned about everything from health and social relationships to climate change, poverty and politics. But adding to those topics for young women specifically are concerns about #MeToo, the recriminalization of girls and women who seek safe abortion, and the very visible actions of a misogynist in the White House who, on a regular basis, dog whistles to white supremacists and homophobes.

We are not printing any more of this because it is crap and NBC should know it but if you wish to continue you may do so here.

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