Microsoft Celebrates Pride

If you were unlucky enough to open up your emails yesterday afternoon and you just happen to use Microsoft as your operating system, then you were more than likely got the email forced on you by Microsoft celebrating Pride month.

Now there are some of us that work for a living and part of that involves some knowledge of Microsoft and its products they produce. They have to stay informed of new products as well as changes to existing products that MS has to offer. At the same time those very same professionals are forced to receive the evil things as well. Yesterday was a perfect example.


A GIF rotates through three individuals celebrating Pride. Sera says, 'Stonewall is a stark reminder that we urgently need our allies to come together in solidarity as the fight for LGBTQI+ equality cannot be won alone.' Ana says, 'Courage, resilience, reflection, resistance, decolonization—it's already started!' Ethan says, 'Pride is stepping in your own shoes, living in your truth, and unapologetically being exactly who you are. Every morning I decide to have a great day on purpose!'
Celebrate Pride
This year is Pride’s 50th anniversary. To show your support, embrace your peers, seek their stories and share your own.
Two Surface devices with the Gay (Pride) and Transgender flag wallpapers from the Windows Pride Theme Pack.
Embrace the spectrum
Show your support whenever you use Windows with a special edition Pride theme pack, inspired by the many LGBTQI+ flags.
Several activism pin-back buttons show messages like, 'Pride', 'Speak up,' and 'Be a visible ally.'
Test your knowledge on Stonewall history
On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, find out how much you know about this milestone for LGBTQI+ rights.
Actions speak louder than words

Ask any schoolboy what the meaning of Christmas is, and you would pray that he will say it celebrates the birth of Jesus. Ask the ideologues at Microsoft, and they will say it means whatever their politics dictate. This year it represents an opportunity to exploit the public by pushing the LGBTQI+ agenda and pushing hard.

So with this we collectively said goodbye to MS and unsubscribed. Now all we have to do is get rid of the MS operating system.

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