Judge: MLGW technician fired for offensive racial statements must get his job back

A federal judge has ruled that Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division must rehire Mike Goza, the technician who was fired after a public backlash over offensive Facebook statements he made about African Americans and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Some of Goza’s statements may have been insensitive, offensive, and even bigoted, but they were protected by the Constitution nonetheless,” U.S. District Judge Jon McCalla wrote in the ruling, dated Friday. “MLGW thus violated Goza’s First Amendment rights when it demoted and fired him.”

The judge ruled MLGW must also give Goza $160,000 in back pay and benefits, plus $30,000 in compensatory damages.

That is the first part of the article which can be read here.

After that, author Daniel Connolly, went through the normal routine of trying to explain why the case was of importance but hidden was this underlying disdain for Mr. Goza’s actions and words by continually repeating his so called offenses.

Mr. Goza in a statement claimed victory but only a minor one considering the damage done to both his livelihood and his reputation. He commented online:

“Yet another “hit piece” by Daniel Connolly of the Commercial Appeal. I may have “won” the case, but the damages are absurdly low. The final damages, however, are still being negotiated. This, like usual from the Commercial Appeal, is as biased as it can get and is meant to cause yet another uproar in the Memphis community. Connally, in this article, continues to repeat the lies and manipulations of the truth that were all absolutely destroyed in the courtroom. Seems the press can continue to lie and slander with impunity.”

This is the standard operating procedure used by Gannet and it’s papers, editors and writers and since editors and writers like being employed, they follow through.

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