Roy Moore, who lost Alabama Senate race after allegations of sexual misconduct, announces another run for the seat

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore announced Thursday that he will make a second run for U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Moore, a Republican, lost a special election for the seat in 2017 to former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones, a Democrat, after the former judge was accused of sexual misconduct by several women when they were teenagers or young women and he was in his 30s. Moore denied the allegations.

President Donald Trump, who ultimately endorsed Moore in that race, said last month that he does not want him to make another run for the seat.

That doesn’t mean we don’t like him.

Back in July of 2007, the God and Country Patriotic conference featured then Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore from whom (and other excellent speakers) you will learn the correct meaning of the phrase “Separation of Church and State” and the proper, historic role of the clergy in the formation/preservation of the American Constitutional Republic.

Why he should run.

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