Maybe it’s just a guilty conscience, but according to reports, the Oregon State Police (OSP) have advised the Oregon Legislature to stay closed on Saturday (today) due to an alleged, “credible”, threat made by militia members over a tax-scam, “Cap & Trade” bill the Liberal Communist Oregon Legislature is trying to pass into law.

First, even though I am retired as the Liaison Officer for the Southern Oregon Militia, I can say with certainty that no real militia will ever make threats of any kind.  If the militia feels it necessary, and there are no other peaceful options left, they will simply act without any forewarning whatsoever.

So I don’t know what this so-called, “credible threat” entailed, if it happened at all.  It appears the Oregon OSP picked up on some chatter on social media, but there are a lot of militia wannabees out there who try to pose as a real militia members, and I do know there is a whole bunch of public anger over the passage of that law, so who knows where the OSP got its information?

What I do know is this:  The OSP and FBI ambushed and murdered a man named Finicom during the Oregon Malheur Refuge Standoff and got away with it.  I know the true militias in Oregon went completely dark after that incident and I also know that if the true identity of the OSP murderers are ever revealed, justice will be served very cold to Governor Brown and the OSP officers involved.

But here in Oregon we have an initiative process whereby citizens can gather enough signatures to put a bill on the ballot that can reverse the Oregon Legislature’s actions, and I suspect that when the citizens of Oregon see their gasoline costs go up by .22 cents per gallon to pay for that tax scam, such an initiative will probably see success.  So as long as there are peaceful means available to thwart Brown’s Communist agenda, I don’t see any militia group taking kinetic actions of any kind.

Carl F. Worden

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