Like most people, when I heard that Iran had shot down one of our most expensive drones over international waters, I wanted a swift and certain military response.

But then I got to thinking about it a little more, and considering how desperate the Democrats have been in trying to inhibit investigations against themselves for their attempted coup against President Trump, this whole Iranian shoot-down incident just might be another of their elaborate traps.

Fact:  John Kerry, a total Liberal loser, has been meeting with the Iranians to shore up his Iranian Nuclear Deal in violation of the Logan Act.  In fact, all during the Obama Administration, Iran was handled with special deference and Obama himself even sent them $1.8 billion of our tax dollars in cash.  Clearly, Kerry and the rest of the conspirators had an unholy, anti-American relationship with Iran, the details of which I’m sure the Democrats hope never see the light of day.

Today we’re hearing stories that Trump was ready to order military strikes, but called them off at the last minute.  On the surface, such strikes would seem immediately necessary, and maybe that is what the Democrats were hoping Trump would act on.

But President Trump is no fool and he’s a fast learner.  He knows there is only the illusion that we must act immediately because there is no potential loss of life in the balance if he waits to assess the situation a little more carefully.  Trump is still surrounded by people who pose as his friends when in fact they are working against him behind the scenes, so he has to watch his six very carefully.

I’m sure Trump is questioning why the Iranians would pull off such a blatant act in front of God and everybody, so he’s rightfully suspicious that this shootdown is a trap, and until he knows otherwise, he’s going to tread very carefully.

Given the circumstances he’s had to operate in, Trump is wise to critically examine the obvious bait he’s been offered.


Carl F. Worden

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