Fox News* Shep Smith Compares Trump Admin *Horrifying* Treatment of Migrant Children to War Crimes

Shep Smith really should be opening his mouth at CNN  or MSNBC.

This *problem* of how *migrant children* are treated after they ILLEGALLY ENTER AMERICA can be resolved so easily and it does not requ9ire any political action.  ALL ILLEGALS and these children just need to turn around and return to their home country and towns.  No American forced them to ILLEGALLY cross the Border.

If they are so badly treated WHY do they keep coming?????

We do not owe them a thing – NOT ONE THING except the right to turn around and return to their homes from where they came.

If Shep and his ilk are so concerned then they should take their money and help these ILLEGALS travel back to their homes and not have to endure all this bad treatment they seem to be getting according to the OPEN BORDERS idiots.

Those adults who brought them here and left them are the ones responsible – not any border patrol agent or anyone working to protect our borders from these invaders.

We have American citizens who need food and a place to sleep,  they come long before any ILLEGAL INVADER.

Jackie Juntti
ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS –  do not feed the violators.

Fox News* Shep Smith Compares Trump Admin *Horrifying* Treatment of Migrant Children to War Crimes

Monday on Fox News Channel, anchor Shepard Smith criticized the Trump administration for their alleged treatment of migrant children.

Smith said, *Dirty and hungry children sleeping on concrete floors without blankets, toothpaste, soap or diapers. Some kids found covered in mucus. Some 3-year-olds being cared for by 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds. Horrifying. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence defended the treatment of migrant children. Yesterday, the VP tried to shift the blame to Democrats in Congress.*

He continued, *Just last week, a Justice Department attorney argued that they don*t necessarily need to provide migrant children with soap and toothbrushes for them to be safe and sanitary. Soap and toothbrushes not necessary for safe and sanitary conditions.*

Smith concluded, *Soap and toothbrushes are not optional for children in detention. They are necessary. Were these particular children prisoners of war rather than innocent children, failure to provide those necessities would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Yet President Trump claims his administration is doing a fantastic job under the circumstances.*

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