White House announces Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ replacement

By ANDREW WEST  |   Freedom Outpost 

The White House this afternoon ended the media speculation about who would replace outgoing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a surprise announcement.

The news came from the First Lady:

First Lady Melania Trump just announced via Twitter that Stephanie Grisham, who has served as the First Lady’s press secretary, will be replacing outgoing Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House press secretary.

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Grisham has long been rumored as the presumptive favorite to take the Press Room podium and will become the third press secretary to serve President Donald Trump, following Sean Spicer then Sanders. For the second time, the Trump administration is combining the Press Secretary role and Communications Director role as Grisham will be filling both Sanders’ and Bill Shine‘s former position all at once.

Grisham has long been a member of the Trump’s inner circle, having been in the orbit of the First Family since 2015.

Grisham is expected to also continue her duties under First Lady Melania Trump.

Sarah Sanders herself took to Twitter to weigh in on the decision.

Grisham was considered to be a heavy favorite for the position, given her reputation among all manner of White House personnel.

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