Keep girls’ sports for girls ONLY

Selina Soule is a high school female athlete, who now must compete against biological males because of Connecticut’s law requiring that boys, who identify as ‘girls,’ be admitted into girls’ sports competitions.

This is just plain wrong….  This is just plain Nuts!

And, that’s why there is a petition which supports Selina’s federal complaint to the Dept of Education, against this discriminatory law.

When boys compete in girls’ sports, they win because they have a natural advantage. It’s scientifically proven…. it is a fact.

Karsten Braasch, a German former professional tennis player ranked 203 in the world, competed in a “Battle of the Sexes” contest against the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena) at the 1998 Australian Open when he was ranked 203. Braasch was described by one journalist as “a man whose training regime centered around a pack of cigarettes and more than a couple bottles of ice cold lager”. He nonetheless defeated both sisters, playing a single set against each, beating Serena 6–1 and Venus 6–2. Braasch was thirty years old at the time, while Venus and Serena were seventeen and sixteen, respectively.

This does not take away the talent of both sisters, but if they had to do this day in and day out it might just crush the motivation of girls who had worked hard to compete on a level playing field, only to enter into competitions which they can never, or rarely, win, despite all of their efforts.

Some also say it puts girls into harm’s way in contact sports, but mostly it deprives female athletes of their right to fairly compete for college scholarships and other accolades.


Please read, SIGN and share this petition, TODAY!

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