It looks like Portland, Oregon is the protected home ground of so-called, “Antifa”, which allegedly means Anti-Fascist.  It’s a misnomer, because Antifa is a fascist/Communist organization of misfits.  But there is another, far more ominous indication that Antifa is just a reborn version of the Weather Underground that terrorized American citizens, public officials and the police themselves back during the late 1960’s and 1970’s.  The most radical members, who called themselves, “The Weathermen”, were involved in all kinds of mayhem, from robberies to murders and bombings of government buildings.

The Weather Underground was a radical, militant offshoot of the SDS, or, Students for a Democratic Society, which was active in opposing the Vietnam War at the time.  But their most radical and militant members like Bill Ayers, weren’t satisfied with the results the SDS was getting through peaceful protests, so they split off and formed the Weathermen, who believed violence was the answer — and carried it out.

The goal of the Weathermen was to overthrow the United States Government and convert it into a, “classless society”, which means they were a Communist organization.

Does any of this rhyme with current events?  How about Bernie Sanders’ preferred reference to a, “Socialist Democracy”, which is just a code word for Communism?

Right now, the FBI is investigating whether Antifa attempted to buy weapons from a Mexican Cartel for the purpose of an armed overthrow of our government.  The fact the FBI is investigating Antifa presents a golden opportunity to those who oppose Antifa.

A day or so ago, Antifa thugs in Portland attacked a Christian patriot group on the streets of Portland, Oregon, injuring a number of people with bear-strength pepper spray and committing physical attacks using weapons like crowbars and wooden implements.  A number of people were injured, but to date, the Portland Police have made no arrests at all, even though they were there when the violence occurred.

I can therefore conclude with certainty that Antifa is in fact a Communist front committed to the overthrow of the United States Constitution, and they should be classified as a Domestic Terror Organization immediately — because that is exactly how our government classified the Weathermen at the time.

President Trump needs to direct the FBI to immediately begin surveillance and infiltration of Antifa and develop intelligence about all identifiable Antifa members, this time preferably before Antifa begins ratcheting up the violence, which is exactly what the Weathermen did.

I hope this message reaches those who think it’s a good idea to form patriotic protests in Portland for the purpose of confronting Antifa malcontents:  The message is, “It’s Not Working”!  All you are going to get and have already gotten, is left-wing fake news reporting that you are violent, white supremacist, anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis!  What you should be doing is offering your assistance to the FBI instead.

The first thing you must do is begin to infiltrate Antifa in order to identify the members, and more importantly, their leaders.  You don’t do that marching and chanting and hoping for a confrontation with Antifa on the street!  I know you mean well, but this kind of thing makes me want to slap the shit out of you for being so damned stupid!

You need to infiltrate Antifa, and the only way you are going to accomplish that is to go undercover as likely Antifa candidates in Portland, but you need to do it in cooperation with the FBI and ATFE if you are going to accomplish anything meaningful.  Besides that, if you are working in cooperation with the FBI and ATFE, you’ll get the benefit of their gadgets, goodies and most importantly, their protection if your identity and intent is somehow revealed.  You need to be privy to the plots and plans that you know very well are being hatched by Antifa right now, and let me assure you, groups like Antifa get very frustrated when they don’t see their goals being accomplished, and because they don’t know better, they will always resort to more and more violence to that end.

So you guys up there in Portland, hear this:  You need to contact the FBI and ATFE to tell them you want to help infiltrate Antifa.  They generally won’t come to you first.  If you truly want to end Antifa, that is where you start.

Oh, and don’t take, “no”, for an answer.  Keep going up the ladder until you get a “yes”.


Carl F. Worden

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