Dozens killed in alleged rebel airstrike on Libyan migrant center

Emergency workers and other recover bodies after an airstrike killed nearly 40 at Tajoura Detention Center, east of Tripoli on early July 3.

An airstrike hit a migrant center east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli early Wednesday, killing at least 40 refugees.

Another 80 were injured, according to the Health Ministry’s emergency service Field Medicine and Support Center.

Images from the scene showed buildings reduced to rubble. United Nations-recognized Government of National Accord condemned the “horrific crime,” which it blamed on rebel general Khalifa Hifter, whose Libyan National Army in April launched an offensive aiming to seize Tripoli.

According to local media, Hifter’s forces were targeting a government-aligned militia near the detention center with airstrikes.

Two migrants told The Associated Press that the hanger hit by the strike held about 150 migrants, mostly from Sudan and Morocco.

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