How Well Do You Take A Test?

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Prov 24:10)

When I was teaching school and all through the years that I attended school I either gave tests or I took tests. We all did. We took these tests to see if we could pass to the next level.

Those tests typically threw a lot of tough questions at us that we wouldn’t normally have to deal with in a similar period of time elsewhere. And yet, we were measured by them. More importantly, we were able to get a measure of ourselves, discover our weaknesses and maybe realize our strengths.

So it is with adversity. Every day it comes to test, to try us, to measure our strength and not just physical strength but a strength in ideals and principals, our knowledge. So how do you respond to adversity? Do you fain and complain or do you embrace the adversity knowing it is a tool to reveal both weakness and strength? Certainly adversity is not a pleasant thing, but the fruit of it can be sweet indeed.

The verse in Proverbs transliterates into “If you slacken in the day of tightness, your firmness is as a pebble.”

Imagine you are holding on to one end of a piece of rope and out of nowhere, someone or something grabs the other end and begins to pull – tightly. You could offer little or no resistance, but you would be at the whim of the circumstance. The supposed firmness that you thought you had carries no more weight than a pebble.

Having a hard time now? Are you questioning your faith? Faint not. Hold on tightly to the rope, your lifeline, your faith in the Rock of Ages, who will anchor you safely and bring you through any and every storm.

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