Miami Herald: NEW VICTIMS AND WITNESSES Came Forward Over MONTHS To Help FBI and NYPD Bust Epstein

I believe that if the names of all who have participated in this sexual use of minors were to be made public it would fill many large book cases.  I recall reading information many years back about how that lovely secretive organization, Skull & Bones, would get political individuals either drunk or drugged and then pose them with minors or engaged in sex acts with someone other than a spouse.  Pictures would be taken and then used to blackmail those individuals if they ever dared to veer off the assigned track.  They would also be placed in coffins – can’t recall what that was about but for some reason it comes to mind with the Skull & Bones outfit.

The average citizen can’t begin to comprehend the dirty, rotten, activities that are done behind those smiling *VOTE FOR ME* faces.  Due to my early in life (late teens) political interests and intense desire to read all I could get my hands on along with attending, in person, as many political events as I could I got to know and to see what goes on behind the public’s back and most of it isn’t very pretty.  This applies to both political parties – as they are really just the two heads of the political snake.  Those big fund raising parties the Democrats used to hold at the old Tyee in Tumwater, WA really opened my eyes to the sexual garbage that goes on. All those small cabana’s were busy with all the In’s & Out’s –  high up party leaders, drunk as skunks, sitting in bathtubs (dressed) making appointments to political positions.  Oh yes, that and much more.  Wish I had taken my camera to one of those events.

The use of SEX to influence, bribe, has been going on since time began.  It is all part and parcel of the demonic influence to destroy what God created.  The use of children to satisfy this lust is so sickening but those who do it have deadened their minds to the evil that participate in.  Those children then grow up (providing they aren’t killed in the acts) and they carry on the sick, sinful, acts – infecting many more to this demonic sacrifice to Satan.

What I find so sad is that no matter how many perp’s are exposed and convicted, the acts will not stop as this kind of stuff is being ordered by the Prince of the Air (Satan) and it shall continue until Jesus Christ returns to lift up His followers (The Rapture) – followed by the 7 year tribulation period – followed by the Battle of Armageddon.  When Eve listened to the Serpent and disobeyed what God told Adam and Eve this sinful life was set in motion.

Each of us has a CHOICE – to OBEY what God commanded or to disobey and suffer the consequences of The Lake of Fire. Another thing that saddens me is how many of the churches have invited false teachers into their pulpits to preach a FALSE gospel – continuing to lead people astray.  That is why I continue to tell people to make sure that what your denomination is teaching is actually IN THE BIBLE and not some addition or subtraction from the Word of God.
Deuteronomy 4:2 You must not add to or subtract from what I command you, so that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God that I am giving you.
REV. 22:19  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

I am convinced we are living in The Last Days and I keep looking up to see that light in the sky and hear the Trumpet sound.  I am ready to go Home – I just hope that all of you are as well.

Jackie Juntti
We hear about the Declaration of Independence
We need to hear more about the Declaration of REPENTANCE

By  Patrick Howley

The Miami Herald reports that new victims and witnesses came forward to help the FBI-NYPD

“Sources told the Herald that the indictment includes new victims and witnesses who spoke to authorities in New York over the past several months,” reported the Miami Herald, which successfully sued to unseal some records pertaining to an Epstein-related defamation case days ago.

Big League Politics reported:

Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking minors, marking another major step forward in law enforcement’s recent push to bust elite pedophile rings. (

The Daily Beast reports:

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources. The arrest, by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force, comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida…

Several employees and associates allegedly recruited the girls for Epstein’s abuse, and some victims eventually became recruiters themselves, according to law enforcement. The girls were as young as 14, and Epstein knew they were underage, according to details of the arrest and indictment shared by two officials.

Daily Beast passage ends

In 2015, I exclusively reported that Jeffrey Epstein pleaded the Fifth when asked about his friendship with Bill Clinton.

I told Steve Bannon about Jeffrey Epstein’s Clinton connections on Breitbart Radio early in the 2016 primary, noting that Bill Clinton was aboard a plane to Epstein’s orgy island.

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