NBC News Damns Mitch McConnell Because of His Great-Great-Grandfathers.

By Erick Erickson   |   The Resurgent

This is just reprehensible coverage by NBC News.

Reparations is the latest craze by leftwing hucksters, charlatans, and grifts to prey on the vulnerable. Having spent fifty years screwing up black America while trying to improve it, the political left as heirs to the Great Society and New Deal, have presided over the collapse of black families, the collapse of public schools, and the gentrification of black neighborhoods by progressive, white hipsters. They now want to give up and just throw some money at the problem and wash their hands of it.

Reparations is the demand of the pseudo-intellectual who has given up and wants to cash out. It is the idea of huckster and conman making promises that’ll never be delivered premised on the idea that throwing money at a problem will make it better. It is the idea of the charlatan who claims some heroic, helping role and gets rich quick through shakedowns at everyone else’s expense.

NBC News has entered the fray on the side of the hucksters, scammers, conmen, and charlatans of the left with a denunciation of Senator Mitch McConnell for his great-great-grandfathers owning fourteen slaves in Alabama in the 1850s.

Click here for the rest of this and just how NBC News passively admitted its story is garbage.

You know who else’s family owned slaves and who opposed reparations? Barack Obama.

Yeah, that’s right.  Barack Obama’s family owned slaves in Kentucky and Obama opposed reparations.

You didn’t see the media running silly stories against him like they are against McConnell.  Why?  Because NBC News is a partisan operation designed to benefit Democrats.

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