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People of faith, including our Founding Fathers, have always understood that our rights come from God — not from the government.

That is why the First Amendment guarantees that, ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’

Yet, because of a little-known law called the Johnson Amendment, radical liberals have been able to silence the free speech of pastors and religious leaders across our nation for decades.

If you believe — like I do — that we must restore free speech for religious leaders, I urge you to sign the National Petition to Restore Free Speech right away.

The Johnson Amendment is a revision to the U.S. tax code — inserted by then-Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson — that prohibits political speech by churches.

This mandate has since been used by the IRS to harass, silence, and prosecute churches and ministries for six decades, violating the First Amendment right to political speech for millions of Americans.

Of course, the Left wants to ensure this amendment stays on the books so they can continue suppressing speech by pastors, churches, and ministries.

But the Faith & Freedom Coalition is actively engaging the Trump administration and Congress to repeal this amendment, which is one of the most blatant violations of religious liberties in our nation.

With your signature today, we can show Congress that there is overwhelming support to repeal the Johnson Amendment!

In the plainest terms: the Johnson Amendment is censorship.

It censors your church from speaking out on political issues.

It censors your pastor from discussing the relevant moral issues that are shaping our nation.

And it censors any political figures from getting involved in elections or explaining how politicians’ views align with your faith.

Given that we have an administration in the White House that supports religious liberties, now is the time to act if we’re going to repeal this amendment. But, we must do so before the next election.

The Left is hoping that conservative Christians will forget about the Johnson Amendment, and that they can continue using it to suppress free speech for decades to come.

They know that as long as they can intimidate pastors and faith leaders into silence, they can keep the sleeping giant of Christian conservatives asleep!

They know that the moment we wake up, their radical, anti-God, anti-family agenda is DOOMED!

That’s why we must fight back against the six-decade long partnership between the radical Left and the IRS to silence Christians!

It’s time we repeal the Johnson Amendment and restore free speech for pastors, churches, and ministries.

Please help by adding your name to the National Petition to Restore Free Speech.

Dr. Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman
Faith & Freedom Coalition

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