The Faggot Bishops are out to Destroy Father Perrone

He exposed their homo-pornography Seminary scandal, he founded Call To Holiness, so this is the Faggot Bishop’s Revenge

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The infamous pseudo-Catholic “Call To Action” in 1976, which used the wording of a 1971 International Synod speaking about “Justice” to make the Church turn a corner, or turn around, on moral issues. Like, 180 degrees. Here’s the historical excuse, taken from their own website:

Following up on this mandate, the U.S. bishops on their return home from the synod launched a creative consultation process . Over 800,000 Catholics testified during two years of hearings, which culminated in the U.S. bishops’ Call To Action Conference in Detroit in 1976, held in conjunction with the American Bicentennial. More than 100 bishops were among the 1,340 voting delegates and the 1,500 observers. At the end of three momentous days of discussion and debate, the assembly declared the church must stand up to the chronic racism, sexism, militarism and poverty in modern society. And to do so in a credible way the church must reevaluate its positions on issues like celibacy for priests, the male-only clergy, homosexuality, birth control, and the involvement of every level of the church in important decisions. The Detroit conference recommended that each diocese take the recommendations home and act upon them.

This event turned a corner for Marxocrat (Politically Marxist) clerics and for homo-clerics; they didn’t have to hide their evil preferences so much any more. They might still hide their sins, but not their pro-sin preferences and leniencies. And note well that loud public railing against “racism, sexism, militarism and poverty” is always the most common public mask concealing the true drive toward “revolution” ending in tyrannical Marxist government. They are almost diagnostic of an evil Marxist mindset.

At that time, much of the ranking clergy were already Marxist, and alreadyhomosexual, but these were topics not spoken of out loud, because Holy Mother Church condemned Marxism and condemned homosexuality.

It was Father Perrone (and Mother Angelica) who founded “Call To Holiness” conferences to counteract and to straight-up oppose the Bishop’s annual disgusting “Call to Action” conferences in Detroit.

And his Call To Holiness put him right in their evil gun sights.

That’s not all he did against evil in the clerical order, by a long shot. Watch the Church Militant Video on this whole sordid affair.

A man was induced through psychoanalysis to “remember” an event 50 years ago in which Fr. Perrone is supposed to have groped him. Right.

We more or less demolished the whole Repressed Memory Syndrome Hoaxa long time ago in this website. There is no such thing. Psychoanalysis is a lucrative money-making Freudian racket, more involved with psychological trickery of the placebo variety, and making unhappy people feel good about themselves, in exchange for money.

Sigmund Freud himself recorded in his own notes how he had successfully induced memories of events that he knew had never occurred solidly into the minds of his patients, and he apparently saw nothing wrong with that, and did not consider this to be any sort of malpractice or invalidation of his theories. All Freud ever “proved” with all of his studies of ephemeral things, the unconscious mind, the subconscious mind, and with his delving into hypnotism and his invention of the new field of psychoanalysis, was just how susceptible most human minds can be to the power of suggestion.

And he proved absolutely nothing else.

Nevertheless, you can make a good living today as a psychoanalyst, especially if any of your patients are rich and famous. What Freud really invented here was a lucrative new job opportunity.

(The popularity of the New Psychiatry of Psychoanalysis was a twin of popularity of the New Art of “artists” like Pablo Picasso, in which status-conscious convinced fools competed with each other to spend the most money to own an “in” piece of art work, and still do. Thus illustrating the power of suggestion at work in culture.)

But that 50-years-later induced “memory” of an event involving Fr. Perrone was enough for Archbishop Vigneron to consider it a “credible charge” and immediately remove Fr. Perrone from his position.

And that determination of “credibility” was extraordinary for the Bishop.

As Archbishop of Detroit, Archbishop Vigneron, and Cardinal Maida before him, and Cardinal Dearden before him, all, fed a long history of covering up far more credible charges and hard evidences of pederasty, pedophilia and active homosxuality in their archdiocesan clergy and they covered it up.

They knowingly and willingly and purposely kept known perpetrators on the job, and when they couldn’t get away with that any more, they hustled them off to “treatment” somewhere, and then secretly reinstated them somewhere else, so they could continue their homosexual predation on other victims and/or maintain their life of active homosexuality while hidden under the protection of their Bishop.

Out of all of those previous cases, Vignaron found only this one shaky case against Father Perrone to be immediately “credible”.

This is the first opportunity for all the anti-Catholic, pro-homo, pro-Marxist Bishops to finally get this Traditional Catholic thorn out of their own Marxist, Homosexual and Evil hides. I don’t believe one word of it.

Assumption Grotto is our Church away from home; we are originally from the Detroit area, and whenever we visit Michigan we attend Mass at Assumption Grotto. We love the Latin Mass, and we love Fr. Perrone. I have quoted him often in these pages. We love his no-holds barred homilies, and we love him as a confessor, we love his advice for life, we love his glorious music and his occasional orchestral Masses.

This is a holy and upright Priest of the old order, a traditionalist and a solid, unshakable servant of Jesus Christ. This supposed “memory” is totally out of character for our Fr. Perrone.

The many homoclerics seemingly in control of the Catholic hierarchy in America if not the world appear to us to be trying to move Catholicism – Catholic belief and practice if not the Catholic Church itself – to follow Secular Culture’s steady metamorphosis into accepting and embracing and even celebrating open homosexuality.

We addressed this previously in the Pro-Faggotry Movement, and its movement into Catholicism in Catholic Clerical Faggotry.

It’s come full circle in American culture today. Being an open homosexual in America is now a resume enhancement. Good examples are the the social and show-biz success stories of Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John. They are celebrated for their openness about their sexual perversion, and the rich and famous fall all over themselves proclaiming their approval of their homosexual condition. And anyone who dares to disapprove of it is now roundly, universally, publicly and profusely condemned as homophobic.

And that’s the condition the homobishops hope to bring into the Church.

Is it “Credible” that Archbishop Vignaron may be a sodomite?

Archbishop Vigneron had no trouble continuing the cover-up of the criminal homosexual predation of the notorious Fr. Larry Vallentine, who became the good Bishop’s spokesman on interfaith issues. Yet, Vigneron immediately found “credible” this weird charge against anti-homo and anti-Marxist Fr. Perrone.

Which raises the question as to just how deep into the Catholic pro-homo movement Archbishop Vigneron has waded.

Now, I’m just a simple man with no fancy degrees and no special book learning, and I just look at things simply as I see them, without nuance. And the way I look at any Bishop, or any Cardinal, or any Priest, is very simple and straightforward.

If a critter looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and is constantly seen in the company of other ducks, then I just assume out of hand that that critter just might be a duck, and I keep to that assumption until I see any controverting evidences whatsoever. And I haven’t seen any.

The only thing Truth has going for Him in this world is us.

The restoration of Truth = Reality in the hearts and minds of men is now totally dependent upon you and me; if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Print, sign and send The Letter, and make our Church Catholic again.

Get behind President Trump, and make America Constitutional again.

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