Oh What Fools We Mortals Are When We Practice Stupidity

There is no way to explain the insanity that is taking place in America today.  There must be some poison in the water or the air that makes people, especially politicians, act in a fashion so bazaar as to defy credulity.

On what planet were green new deals, Medicare for all, free college, $1,000 for every man, woman and child, abortion after birth, free health care for illegal aliens, 70% tax rates and wealth taxes hatched?

How do open borders, which every Democrat seems to approve, help American culture, security, economy, language, or assimilation?  Anyone with the slightest intellect knows that the deplorable conditions at the southern border were and are caused by Democrats that have refused to protect and defend American sovereignty.  The fact is, every Democrat politician and every voter that voted Democrat have blood on their hands for the massive invasion of America by illegal alien peasants that have brought us nothing but pain, suffering and rising debt.

Even worse than that, how is it that tens of millions of Americans subscribe to these policies and vote for the promoters?

Why is it that those in the media have not forced answers from the presidential candidates promoting these irresponsible policies, on how much all this social lunacy is going to cost?

How do these insane policies square with the Founding Fathers’ blue print for liberty, the Constitution, individual freedom and unalienable rights?

What would the implementation of these demented policies do to our sovereignty, security, economy and standard of living, not to mention our freedom and liberty?

If the answers to the above questions are not abundantly obvious, then the reader is a card-carrying member of the insane.  (Democrats)

But the most astounding question of all is why those millions of Americans, that know or should know better, haven’t raised up in unison and quashed, by whatever means, the socialist craziness being uttered by irrational Democrats that have been infected by a mind-numbing social bacterium, or mental disorder, that has no cure?  The disease has so far infected the majority of the people who call themselves Americans but are Americans in name only. 

The reason behind this massive infection is simple, three to four generations of Progressive socialist brainwashing in all of our public schools, colleges and other government institutions.  There is no “education” anymore, just social, environmental and one-world indoctrination, with the three “R’s” thrown in as an after thought.  Garbage in – Garbage out!  Parents are no help.  They aren’t countering the indoctrination.  They are just as brainwashed as the previous generation.

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