U.K. says Iranian boats tried to seize British oil tanker

Piracy on the open waters…..

HMS Montrose

HMS Montrose was shadowing a British tanker as it moved into the Strait of Hormuz REUTERS

Several Iranian boats tried to stop a British oil tanker moving out of the Persian Gulf into the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, but were driven off by a U.K. Royal Navy frigate that was escorting the tanker, Britain’s defense ministry said.

The Iranian vessels reportedly ordered the tanker, British Heritage, to reverse course and head for Iranian waters.

The British frigate reportedly moved between the tanker and the Iranian boats, training its deck guns on them and ordering them to back off.

Iran denied there was any confrontation.

Last week, British Royal Marines in Gibraltar, at the request of the U.S., intercepted an Iranian ship that was believed to have been carrying oil to Syria, and Iran threatened to retaliate.

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