House passes bill seeking to change wording of law describing presidents as male

Image result for rep. mark pocanThe Democrat-controlled House on Wednesday passed a bill seeking to remove wording in a U.S. law that describes a president as male.

The bill, dubbed the “21st Century President Act,” would change a federal law that makes it a crime to threaten the president and first family.

The law defines the president as male and the president’s spouse as female. The new bill would replace references to the president’s “wife” and “widow” to “spouse” and “surviving spouse.”

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), an openly gay congressman who is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said the new wording was necessary to reflect modern reality.

 “Currently federal law does not reflect the reality we could have a female or a gay president as soon as 2021,” Pocan said. 

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