Open Letter From a Concerned Fellow NRA Ring of Freedom Member

We the People of the NRA

My name is Marita Dell’Aquila. I am a Patriot life member of the NRA, a Founding Member of the Hunter’s Leadership Forum, a member of the Women’s Leadership Forum, and a member of the Ring of Freedom Heston Society. I write this as a concerned member who is seeking your help to enact leadership change at the NRA.

No doubt you have read the recent reports of the organization’s unnecessary spending and misuse of donor funds. My husband and I, as well as a multitude of other donors, members and “trusted Board Members“, feel betrayed by the very people who were given the fiduciary responsibility to spend our contributions wisely to defend our Second Amendment rights.

Private jets to the Bahama’s and over $240,000 of Italian suits purchased at a Beverly Hills boutique is not what any of us imagined was transpiring behind the scenes at the NRA!

Additionally, it is alleged that one or more top executives at the NRA are “double dipping.” That is, they are receiving payment in the form of kickbacks or some other compensation in return for sending business to Ackerman-McQueen, the Mercury Group, etc. [and now the Brewer Lawfirm at a $1,000,000+ a month]. This behavior is outrageous, unethical, and could very well be illegal!

My husband and I are spearheading a grassroots effort to force a much-needed change of leadership. Wayne LaPierre must realize that the good of the organization and the ultimate survival of the NRA transcend the personal ambitions of any one person, including his own. We have contacted numerous donors – such as you[both big and small] – who have named the NRA in their estate planning; made significant cash contributions; are corporate sponsors; and/or advertise in NRA publications. Money is the motivating factor and we strongly believe that waiving the “carrot” that we all hold will be instrumental in our efforts to demand the change that we seek. Some have already changed their estate planning documents, some have withheld cash donations, and some have bailed out altogether until the NRA cleans up their act!

The plan is to write a pointed letter to every board member, outlining these changes, and listing the donors who demand the changes, and indicating the donor contribution amount that will be withdrawn if the following demands are ignored:

  • Wayne LaPierre, Executive Directors, Managing Directors, Officers resign & Josh Powell is fired;
  • Chris Cox is immediately re-instated and elevated to CEO and Executive Vice President;
  • The board of directors is reduced in size from 76 to 30 members;
  • Carolyn Meadows (President), Charles Cotton (First Vice President) and Willes Lee (2nd Vice President) resign from these positions;
  • Lt. Col. Allen West is appointed President;
  • All Presidents (past and future) of the NRA are restricted from remaining on the board of directors;
  • The September board meeting currently planned in Anchorage, Alaska, which includes a cruise, is immediately canceled and the location moved to NRA headquarters or a city in the central United States.

We believe the only way to stop this madness is to threaten to withdraw our planned giving and cash donations unless and until there is leadership change at the top. I am writing to ask if you agree. And, if you do, may I ask for your support in this effort? May I add your name to the list of donors who are willing to continue to donate to the NRA but ONLY if the changes outlined above are implemented?

Please visit the website that we created:

It summarizes the above and includes a petition that we will send to the Board of Directors.

This is all so sad for all of us. But, thankfully there are other organizations who will fight for our 2nd amendment rights and use our money judiciously should our plea for a change and re-righting of the ship falls of deaf ears.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. My hope is that we can turn this around and save the NRA from its own demise.


Marita Dell’Aquila

Reprinted with permission 

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